1. would love to do this trip i catch peas like crazy here in south fl maybe some day i can do this

  2. This is trash and it’s still going on

  3. No way is this show going to correctly represent how the government PROTECTED the rich and elite from actual consequences. Just like the robinhood app stopped allowing the CLIENTS of its service from trading this stock when things got going.

  4. I knew they will make a movie about that. Im so excited!

  5. Yeah too bad they make sure this would never happen again

  6. This looks sooo bad, why are they even making this? Everyone is still buying ad holding? The game isn't over.

  7. Looks awful, cringe actors, and GME isn't even a done play yet, no ones selling.

  8. holy shit this is stupid, going to be full of lies and paid for by Citadel. Trust Rogan to have sold his soul a long time ago

  9. We are not leaving. GME AMC NO sell tell CELL time

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