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How To Get Free Edu Backlink Very Fast 2021 Method

Getting high PR free Edu backlink is the most challenging thing when it comes to blogging.

The chances of getting high PR backlink as a new blogger is totally zero per cent.

It takes lots of time and patient to build an ordinary do-follow backlink, and take another year to get a high PR do-follow Edu backlink.

Are you a blogger trying to get high PR Edu backlink to your blog?

If yes, then you’re in the right place.

I will show you a list of places to get free PR9 Edu backlinks to your blog.

Benefit Of Having Edu Backlink

  • It increases your blog domain authority (DA)
  • Increases page authority (PA)
  • Increases ranking
  • Boost search engine visibility and so on

List Of Free Edu Backlink Site

  • sso-users.educause.edu
  • academia.edu

Steps To Getting Edu Backlink 2020

Follow the steps listed below to get free do-follow .edu backlink from sso-users.educause.edu

  1. Visit the website
  2. Register with your email
  3. Confirm your registration
  4. Then you wait for a 24hrs review
  5. After review, your account will be activated
  6. Login and edit your profile
  7. Add your blog/website URL
  8. Then click “save”

Follow the below procedure to get another free .edu do-follow backlink from academia.edu

  1. Visit the website
  2. Register with your email and activate
  3. Log in and click”edit”
  4. Click “Social Profile”
  5. Select “Others”
  6. Now add your website title and link
  7. Click “Save”

You’re done creating an account and adding your links.

But remember Google will not crawl your profile link till months or years later.

But don’t panic, I have a solution to that, read below.

To make google crawl your profile link very fast, you’ve to do the following;

  • Copy your profile URL’s from both website
  • Post it on your Facebook page and group
  • Post on Twitter
  • On LinkedIn, and
  • Google+
  • Then any other social media platform you’re registered with.

For faster result, post it on Nairaland by midnight. Yes, midnight when mods are sleeping.

Because moderators might instantly delete it and banned you if posted during the day.

Google loves Nairaland, so they crawl and indexes it almost every five (5) minutes.

That’s it. Thanks for reading, if you finding anything difficult, just comments it below, I will reply you and get it solved.


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