Emir Sanusi Condemns Federal Govt Interference In State’s Matters

Emir Sanusi Condemns Federal Govt Interference In State’s Matters

The Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II has  criticised the federal government’s interference in state matters, especially in matters regarding traditional and chieftaincy affairs.

Sanusi stressed the importance of upholding constitutional principles and maintaining a clear separation of powers to ensure accountable governance.

Speaking during an interview with Vanguard, the monarch also stated that regionalism and parliamentary system of government are not solutions to Nigeria’s problem.

He questioned the necessity of a bicameral legislature and the rationale behind appointing ministers from every state, even when not required.

He noted that it contributes to bureaucratic inefficiencies and does not necessarily serve the best interests of the nation.

Speaking further, the monarch asserted that regionalism will exacerbate the issues in the country rather than resolve existing tensions.

He said, “I think there are several things we can do to address those structures because at the end of the day if you allow the state governors to run, the thing with devolution is we have 36 states, if only half of the governors are good, at least half of Nigeria has a good government.

“There is too much power at the centre, too much of the resources. The centre does not do primary education or primary healthcare, and that is where the vast majority of Nigerians are.

“Shouldn’t those resources come to the state? Instead of everybody going to Abuja, what is happening in Abuja? There are several issues that we need to look at. And also simple constitutionalism and federalism, just even the respect of separation of separation of power. If you take the example of what is happening in Kano today, chieftaincy matter is 100 per cent a state matter.”