Emirate Tussle: The Governor Has Immunity, But I Can Jail His Aides

Emirate Tussle: The Governor Has Immunity, But I Can Jail His Aides

Justice Simon Amobeda of the Federal High Court in Kano has issued a stern warning to Sanusi Bature, the spokesperson for the Governor of Kano State, threatening him with jail over alleged misrepresentation of court proceedings.

This development occurred shortly after the judge delivered a judgment concerning the Kano State Commission of Inquiry, which has been the subject of intense legal scrutiny.

Justice Amobeda, expressing his displeasure over past misrepresentations by state officials, ordered that a Certified True Copy (CTC) of his judgment be immediately served to Bature and any media representatives present in the courtroom.

This measure is intended to ensure the accurate dissemination of information regarding the court’s decisions.

The judge’s warning comes in the backdrop of comments made by state government officials, including Bature, which Justice Amobeda felt undermined the integrity of the judiciary.

“I know the Governor has immunity, but I have the liberty to jail any of his aides for unguarded utterances against the decision of the court.”

In his ruling, Justice Amobeda also issued a 48-hour deadline for two Kano State High Court judges, Justice Farouk Lawan Adamu and Justice Zuwaira Yusuf, to resign from their roles as chairpersons of Judicial Commissions of Inquiry.

These commissions were established by Governor Abba Yusuf to investigate various allegations against his predecessor, Abdullahi Ganduje.

The commissions are tasked with probing misappropriated public properties and assets, and investigating political violence and missing persons, respectively.

The state of Kano has been a focal point of political and legal controversies since Governor Abba Yusuf took office on May 29, 2023.

The ongoing legal battles and emirate tussles have kept the state in the media spotlight, reflecting the deep-seated political rivalry and governance issues affecting the region.