1. Lost me at ff4 it's like a cheesy parody fast and furious TEN just let it die

  2. Nobody need this film. It has nothing to do with fast and furious. After tokyo drift all other ff movies are crap

  3. They went to space the last time. I thought they were going to race in another planet in the next 1

  4. I'm surprised that people are looking forward to watch another fast and furious movie.

  5. The end of the road begins… Fast X ❤

  6. Paul Walkers in the Cast List ❤️ Cody Walker will take the wheel for Brian for one last ride

  7. Fast 1: "I live my life a quarter mile at a time"
    Fast 2: arrest a boss
    Fast 3: learn how to drift
    Fast 4: PS2 tunnel racing game
    Fast 5: destroy Rio de Janeiro
    Fast 6: GTA Infinite Airport
    Fast 7: cars also use parachutes
    Fast 8: GTA Submarine on Ice
    Fast 9: Into F***ing Space!
    Fast 10 vs Aquaman: Dawn of Family
    Fast 11: GTA in the Multiverse of Family

  8. Once upon a time i was a huge fan of this franchise…
    What the fuck is this …
    Bull shit story line …
    No end to this madness…

  9. for a moment i thought it was the new mission impossible, but it's not the fast 10.

  10. This FF saga was never the state of the art but at least has been fun to watch, but bringing a powerful indepentent woman like Brie Larson will ruin this too.

  11. -> 🤔 Maybe We're The 1st Spiritist* Pop-Metal Or Rock Band In This World..

    -> But Don't Pay Much Attention To Our Neanderthal English, Ha Ha Ha ❤


    -> Spiritist is who professes Spiritism, the Gospel continuation

    It has began with the books by Allan Kardec and continued in the books by Francisco C. Xavier, the greatest and more important medium/prophet of spirits of the last centuries..

  12. The fast and the ridiculous, ever since Paul Walker died the other movies have gone in a stupid and unrealistic direction.

  13. its about time we defy physics for family again.

  14. "The end of the road begins May 19"
    Part 1.
    16 years and 7 parts later:
    The End of the End of the road begins September 23.

  15. Fast and furious is now a superhero movie than racing cars around

  16. Jason will somehow join the family, and in the next movie, they will fight alien invision

  17. Dom "Family"

    Mamoa "This isn't the DC Universe. Where am I?" 😂

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