Fathers are dying in silence – clergyman

Fathers are dying in silence – clergyman

The Reverend in charge of Ibara Baptist Church, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Dr Timothy Olatunbosun, has expressed concern that many Nigerian fathers are not given the honour and celebration they deserved despite their relentless efforts at providing and securing the family.

“They are dying in silence”, Olatunbosun said, on Sunday, in his sermon, titled ‘Fathers Are Superheroes.’

The Sunday service coincided with this year’s Father’s Day celebration.

The cleric said fathers sacrifice for the family, offer unconditional love, provide security, wise guidance and teach children the way to go, yet they are not celebrated.

He said the present crop of youths are the worst culprits.

“Everything is about their family and family will still look at them as if they have not done anything.

“Why do we say this, when a child is telling the father what have you done that nobody has ever done? What have you done?. And that is the language of this generation, please this young generation be careful.

“Some of you don’t appreciate the labour of your father, the labour of your parents, and your guardians. If you do not appreciate it, by the time it gets to your turn, it will become worse because you never prepared for it,” Olatubosun said.

He, however, said some fathers have not been leaving up to their responsibilities in the society.

He turned to the congregation and asked: how many of you, the youths, want to be like your fathers? There was a silence in the congregation.

The clergyman said no child will like to emulate a father who is a drinkard and or fraudaters.

He urged fathers to be role models to their children in order to build and develop a better Nigeria.