Federal Government May Sack Workers (See Reasons)


Nigeria’s Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr. Chris Ngige, has revealed the Federal Government may be forced to lay off some civil servants.

Speaking on the necessity to reduce the federal staff, Ngige told labour leaders in Abuja that a total of N580 billion is needed to meet labour’s demand on the new minimum wage.

Ngige also revealed that the Federal Government has been avoiding a situation where it would have to sack workers, noting that throwing workers into unemployment would add to their burden.

The minister pleaded with labour to accept the consequential adjustment from levels 7 to 17, adding that the government had only three months left to implement the new wage.

He stated that the government would not promise labour what it could not pay, noting that no worker deserved to be owed salary.

He restated that implementation of the new wage had since commenced for workers on grade level 1 to 6, adding that the development had helped those on the lower cadre in the civil service to move up.

Naija News recalls that the government had told labour unions that it could only pay 9.5 percent salary raise for employees on grade levels 07 to14 and five percent for those on grade levels 15 to17.

But labour is demanding a 30 percent raise for officers on grade levels 07 to 14 and 25 percent for those on grade levels 15-17.

Public sector workers in Nigeria receive some of the lowest pay cheques in the world, although political office holders receive fat salaries, according to analysts.

It will be recalled that the organized labour has given the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari two weeks to commence the implementation of the new national minimum wage or risks a nationwide industrial action.


  1. No wonder why they wouldn’t want to implement the new national minimum wages for workers but what of legislative arms of government that are paying huge amount for in every month. God save us.

  2. This is an issue the Nigerian government has to ponder on because issues like this destroy the image of this country in the global world, if the president should find a solution to this it would be a great achievement in his administration

  3. I think this reason is really good, and if they can do that with no fear and partiality, Cause some of them are receiving salary without working, I think this is one of the right step to success.

  4. This would help in bringing balance, they should all try as much as possible to resolve all issues so everyone would be happy

  5. I strongly support Labour on this. why would FG likely to lay of some civil servants? If they can cut down by 50% the money these Senators are carrying to their houses they will be able to meet up with minimum wage.

  6. I strongly support labour on this. Come to think of it, while a teacher is struggling with a wage of about fifty thousand naira for almost 20 years, the student he thought 20years before graduate and gained political appointment only to be paid three million naira in just a month. If you were the ones how would u feel. Nigeria government stop waisting our money.

  7. Don’t really know the motive behind this but I strongly believe this action of sacking some workers is gonna make their immediate family pay a great price and all those depending on such a worker sacked so before the federal government do it I think it will better if they go over it very well

  8. Reliving people of their work is not the next solution instead amendment should be mad as regards the law for the benefit of the workers if they are relieved of their duty it will reduce the labour force and the rate of unemployment in the country will rise giving way to hunger and starvation leading to increase in the rate of mortality

  9. The government would not promise labour what it could not pay, noting that no worker deserved to be owed salary

  10. Nigeria, were are we heading to please, please pay the minimum wages and please don’t sack any body god is in control.

  11. I don’t think the #580billions suppose to be the problem of fed government of Nigeria if they really want to do it.the legislative is taking millions of naira every month and is not a problem for the fed. Government .so why is it that only #30,000 naira minimum wages is now a problem? May God take control of Nigeria

  12. This isn’t really a good idea. But if it’s also a solution that can lead to the betterment of this country. They can go on with it

  13. This Nigeria is a scam. It promise the employed 30,000# minimum wages and now trying to sacked some employees just to reduce their spending while those called minister are collecting huge amount for their monthly salary.

  14. There is always a best way of solving issues like this. There are so many old heads in service that should give way to young bloods. There are several ghost workers that should be dealt with.

  15. This is why worker will not e putting their best at work into practice because what’s the essence of hard labour and when it’s time to enjoy your sweat story begins. This kind of a this doest happen to those at the helm of affairs who are receiving fat salaries why is it that the main workers will be left in this shallow hands of suffering and smiling. Why should Federal government sack workers because they want to increase salary at least it has been constituted for long that every 5 years salary must increase but not here in Nigeria,things always go upsidedown

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