1. This reminds me way too much of that Nicolas Cage movie and there was another movie like this but I forgot what it was called

  2. It would be cool if they made a joy of creation movie

  3. Still boggles my mind how scared shaggy is of monsters that he is going to be in FNAF a horror supernatural movie lol

  4. Hold up…Cory?! Oh just cus you think you in a movie mean you can not upload for months?

  5. I said it before….if you see blumhouse you know it's going to be good. That said…it's going to be hard to beat that similar Nic Cage movie.

  6. This trailer looks like fan made. Hope that movie will be good but for now, trailer looks cheap and made by India guy

  7. I swear to god if the main character dies in this movie I am going to be pissed because that’s what horror movies do nowadays he better not get stuffed in a suit

  8. This game (the original) scares the shit out of me and I'm usually hard to scare. The simplicity is brilliant. Might have to give this film a watch.

  9. Looks like the fans got their wish with those red eyes being removed

  10. It still boggles my mind almost 10 years ago this small indie came from a struggling game developer that then spanned into one of the biggest Horror franchises of all time and now with a movie I'm so proud of how far Scott has come with Five Nights At Freddy's this is gonna be a must see for me

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