Fubara May Emerge 2027 Consensus Candidate

Fubara May Emerge 2027 Consensus Candidate

A prominent member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State, Joe Korka-Waadah, has disclosed that the party is uniting behind Governor Siminalayi Fubara as the consensus candidate for the 2027 gubernatorial election.

This development arises amidst concerns regarding former Governor Nyesom Wike’s recent stance towards Governor Fubara.

In a statement made available to journalists on Friday, Korka-Waadah noted that the consensus is driven by a desire to ensure continuity and stability in the state’s leadership.

He mentioned that this decision reflects the collective will of a newly formed political movement within Rivers State, which aims to foster unity and progressive governance.

He said, “Due to the litany of political missteps of Nyesom Wike, a new political movement has emerged in Rivers state. His overbearing attitude has compelled a new wave of political force to emerge.

“Stakeholders of all political strides have come together. Reconciliation has taken place among former political enemies in the state. Even those who were lapsed politically are now at the forefront of this battle to save the state from the grip of a known and established hegemon.

“There is a strong likelihood that come 2027, Rivers State may have only one governorship candidate unopposed. Most, if not all other parties would collapse their structures into one.

“Looking at the horizon, in the search for that rallying figure, Governor Sim Fubara would likely be the candidate that would stand unopposed in 2027 from the way things are going.

“Through his sudden twist of fate, from emerging against the odds to reign at the helms, from being guided through soft landing into sudden thrust into adversity, Fubara has been handling it all with tact, humility, open mindedness and magnanimity.

“From his policies, prudent, selfless and transparent management of the commonwealth and respect for even development of Rivers state in the choice and spread of milestone projects, Fubara is proving to be that governor for all Rivers the state has never had in the past eight years.

“Amidst the ongoing consultations, deliberate and debates towards unification through harmonisation of interests, he is proving to be the dominant choice with the feelers from stakeholders.

“For too long, Rivers, our state has suffered as the common conduit powers brokers of national politics feast on to filter away our enviable resources while perpetually dividing us. The time to end that narrative is here. Enough is enough.”