Hajj: 7 Nigerians arrested for not having ID cards

Hajj: 7 Nigerians arrested for not having ID cards

The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) says seven Nigerians have been arrested for not being in possession of their NUSUK identity cards.

Daily Trust reports that the NUSUK card was introduced by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to identify legal pilgrims to partake in the 2024 hajj pilgrimage.

This was to forestall a repeat of last year where illegal pilgrims overran the Mina camps that made some Nigerians not to have access to services they paid for.

A circular directed to States Muslim Pilgrims’ and Welfare Boards (SMPWB’s) by NAHCON’s Coordinator in Makkah, Dr. Aliyu Tanko, dated June 6 said the pilgrims were arrested in front of their hotels and from two states.

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The circular read, “NAHCON wishes to reiterate its advisory and appeal on the collection and use of Nusuk ID Cards by pilgrims on Hajj in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“The Commission warns that already, seven Nigerian pilgrims from two States were arrested in front of their hotels on the 5th and 6th of June, for not being in possession of their Nusuk ID cards.”

He stated that the advisory becomes important as the authorities would intensify arrest of people without their cards as the month of Dhul Hijjah begins soon.
He therefore, requested all SMPWB’s and tour Operator Companies to increase awareness to their pilgrims on the mandatory possession of Nusuk ID Cards which must be collected on arrival in Makkah from the Mutawwif officials.

He said, “It is imperative to carry these cards at all times as they are the recognized means of identifying pilgrims and also having access to key areas during Hajj. Pilgrims with smartphones can download the NUSUK app from Playstore or iTunes stores, use their passport and visa numbers to activate and access digital copies of their NUSUK cards.

“Not having Hajj permits, habouring or aiding those without it attracts SR10,000 fine, 6 months’ imprisonment, deportation and banning from Saudi Arabia for 10 years.”

He urged all SMPWB’s and tour operators to ensure that their pilgrims adhere strictly to the guidelines to avoid any inconvenience or disruption in their spiritual journey.


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