Hardship in Nigeria: Kogi cleric urges Tinubu to prioritise masses’ welfare

Hardship in Nigeria: Kogi cleric urges Tinubu to prioritise masses’ welfare

Kashim Imam, the Chief Imam of Nasara Cinema Juma’at Mosque in Lokoja, has urged President Ahmed Bola Tinubu to prioritize the welfare of Nigerians amidst the current economic challenges.

The Islamic cleric made this appeal during a Juma’at sermon in Lokoja on Friday.

He advised President Tinubu to swiftly address the suffering of Nigerians grappling with harsh economic conditions.

“The economic hardship has left many Nigerians unable to afford basic necessities, with millions going to bed hungry and many more facing unemployment and homelessness.

“The extravagant spending of scarce resources by the executive, legislature, and judiciary on items like SUVs for government officials and lavish foreign trips is deeply troubling and unacceptable,” Imam lamented.

He called on President Tinubu to engage in inclusive discussions with political stakeholders to find viable solutions to these economic challenges.

Imam stressed the imperative for lawmakers to attend to the needs of their constituents, particularly in times of economic distress, and urged state governors to prioritize the welfare of their citizens through people-centric policies.

“I urge the president to consider implementing a living wage for civil servants, pensioners, and unemployed individuals across our nation. Leaders must uphold justice and be accountable to the people,” Imam added.

He encouraged the electorate to vote conscientiously during elections, ensuring that elected leaders prioritize the welfare and interests of the masses.