1. The AMPTP needs to agree to negotiate! Over 170,000 American workers striking. Actors and writers standing together in solidarity! Hopefully, multiple unions on strike will put some pressure on the collaborative corporate monster that is the AMPTP! End the strike! Give writers and actors the fair treatment, and job security they deserve!

  2. ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  3. if it dosnt have English dubs, im not watching it………… if i wanted to read, id get a book, not a movie.

  4. Netflix you uploaded the video seven hours ago I get notification now. ☹️

  5. Rarely watch arabic shit so guess ill watch this caue it looks itneresting

  6. Wonder how many fewer people watch subtitled movies in general

  7. The way they've set up the rivalry between the two characters is so intense, The action sequences look incredible, and I'm already predicting that this movie will be a box office hit. Definitely adding it to our future review.

  8. Is this supposed to be serious, or comedy?

  9. اللي على بوستر الفيديو تقول الدحيح 😆

  10. This isn't typically my genre, but this looks really fun and well-made!

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