1. Lose Harry and his wife and you will gain back some respect for this event.

  2. Harry is a disgrace to the UK, it’s people and the Royal family. He has done NOTHING for UK vets and in fact endangered those deployed with his comments on the Taliban. Everything project he and his wife do is for promoting them and making money out of. Harry doesn’t have a heart, let alone of Invictus. The way he treated our beloved Queen in those final months is unforgivable.

  3. I support those who have served and especially those wounded serving, but I will not watch or support the Invictus games or anything having to do with Harry or Meghan. Netflix, haven't you learned yet people do NOT like or support them. This would include ANYTHING they have a hand in what so ever. This includes a tiny behind the scenes input. It is an ABSOLUTE NO GO period!!!!!!!!! I am FED UP!!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you for not including the toxic parasite in the trailer.

  5. I look forward to seeing the Heart of Invictus. Thanks to the Duke of Sussex for highlighting these amazing veterans. God bless our veterans and Prince Harry .

  6. The veterans deserve all our respect. The grifter sparry is the worst thing netflies impose on them. He is a liar, hypocrite, grifter and a family traitor who advocate illegal drugs for relaxation and quit your job if you don't like it. Netflies and sparry are simply despicable by taking advantage of the veterans to line up their pockets and get personal fame. The veterans are only tools for them making millions. Prince William has donated a large sum of money to the charity. What did sparry do? He attacked his brother and went to disney Premiere instead of the memorial service for the marines. Not only he didn't donate his own money to the invitus games, he robs the money for the veterans to pay for his and his wife's performance, private jets and expensive clothes for the show. 5% of the donations goes to the veterans and the millions from the netflies show is theirs to keep. I boycott the invitus games.

  7. 5.4K dislikes to 1.8K likes on this 'Heart of Invictus' trailer is shameful but not surprising given how unpopular Harry and Meghan are.

  8. What a contrast – heroes vs grifters.
    People who have been wounded in service vs a a bloke who cried over his broken necklace.
    Brave warriors vs a man child who needed his therapist on speed dial.
    Loyal patriots vs a simp.
    The best of their country vs the worst.

  9. Invictus game is no longer about veterans, It's about H&M rebranding. If Harry really cares about veterans he would be stepping away. Sad for veterans that he won't. His and his wife ego are bigger than the cause.

  10. Hearing Harry saying those words is very ironic 🙄

  11. Invictus inspires Harry doesn't.

  12. I love the idea of Invictus but I am afraid that having Harry and his wife (I cannot and will not use any of those titles that they don't deserve) takes away from what the games mean and more important anyway from the veterans! If they are there they will make it all about them, especially that witch. And if all of this is so important to Harry why hasn't he donated any money from his charity or foundation with ever it is? What does his need more new clothes and jewelry? No it is time for Harry to go and someone who truly cares,perhaps the Prince of Wales, to take the reins!

  13. Love the Veterans, despise the two lying Grifters, making bucks off of them. Boycott Invictus unti Harry and Meghan are removed! You will get no supporters to donate if they continue to be a part of the gamex.😡😡😡😡

  14. If only Harry had just concentrated on Invictus and not moaned, winged or downright lied – he'd be a hero too.

  15. Most importantly, respect to all veterans! Then to Sparry, full of BS from this beard man-toddler especially "if your goal was to make your family happy, you've achieved it" – he made his own grandma and grandpa suffering in last days of their lives and he is still hurting other family members. At least, he needs to ask himself does he make his own two children HAPPY by totally ignoring them just flying worldwide by himself? He only spend time with his kids when he needs to take photos??? Disgusting person is ruining this film for respected veterans!!!🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  16. The veterans deserve all respect. Harry deserves none. The time has come for the veterans to claim the games as their own entirely and remove Harry from any influence.

  17. Amazing! What an amazing project that Prince Harry created! The vets are heroes, good to see them on the spotlight! ❤

  18. Support veterans but will not watch. H&M are making money off this charity event. They are users. Look at the timing of the release (Diana’s and QE II death anniversaries), the vulnerable population they are using (soldiers with PTSD), the resources they are wasting (private planes, wardrobe budget). Disgusting.

  19. Why would you want a traitor to crown and country and an individual now known as Bunker Harry to have anything to do with these inspirational warriors. Drop the Duke of Duplicity and shine the light on the real heroes of the Invictus Games. Invictus means not to be a victim and Harry has made millions selling himself, his family, and his country playing at being one. Shameful Netflix.

  20. My husband and I are both US Army veterans. Proudly served our nation. With that being said we will not watch this documentary given the fact that a traitor named Henry is exploiting us Veterans for his own pockets 💰 This documentary was only created to promote Prince Harry and his narcissistic wife. If he really cared for the veterans he would not have included himself in the film. What he did to his family and country is despicable. He doesn’t possess any military bearings. Such a shame!

  21. Affiliation with the Harkles is bringing this worthy organisation down. I can't watch it if they are involved. I hope Invictus will part ways with them soon.

  22. The documentary would be great without Harry in it. I don't believe he exemplifies: Stength, resilence, heart, or hard work.

  23. It's a shame to see Meghan drag down these games. She should stay home and let the atheletes shine

  24. Never forget.
    🏆 👒 🛥️👧🏻🙌🏾 🙄👀

  25. No disrespect to any person who their countries and sacrifices their lives, their families, and their health to keep their countries safe. With that being said SHAME ON YOU NETFLIX. To keep promoting the two former Royals who have done nothing but cause grief and heartache to so many people is beyond comprehension. How they treated the Queen and Prince Phillip in their final years is disgusting. I will not renew my subscription to your company until they are gone and you no longer are associated with them. AS other people have mentioned the real heroes are those who serve their country and not whiney entitled grifters who are too dense to figure out that they are not liked.

  26. I can't help but feel that the veterans stories and Invictus are being used by Netflix, Archewell Productions and Harry and Meghan in order to live up to their 100 million dollar contract. That's just really sad.

  27. My heart goes out to the Invictus competitors so much. They deserve every ounce of promotion. However, because of Harry's use of these veterans to improve his own image, I cannot bring myself to watch. Because of the horrible things Me-again and Harry said and did on that disgusting documentary (that disrespectful curtsy especially) I WILL NOT RENEW MY ACCOUNT WITH NETFLIX. I wonder how many others continue to boycott Netflix for the same reason. Netflix and the Harkles brought heartache to our beloved late Queen Elizabeth in her last year. As a Canadian (a Commonwealth country) I can never forgive them or Netflix for that.

  28. The veterans are inspiring but how can Invictus have a traitor to king / Queen and country as the face of it. A man that has been outed as a bully. A man that has a drug problem and makes money from telling lies.
    Invictus deserves so much more and are suffering as a result of having this waste of space at the forefront of the organisation.

    He and his grabby wife are making money from exploiting the veterans. Shame on him / them

    Get rid of Harry and his wife dissappears as well.

  29. Harry and wife are simply vile. They do not care a fig about the veterans.

  30. What a shame that such a worthy, important organization is affiliated with such a poor excuse for a human being as Harry Mountbatten-Windsor.

  31. I hope the focus stays on the veterans, do not want grubby merching for themselves happening, he should not be making money from this, but obviously he will, they need to get rid of him, he is a traitor.

  32. Is this film’s proceeds going to the charity for the veterans or profiting Harry and Meghan? If it’s a photo op for them to profit then it’s not in the spirit of the games.

  33. Les commentaires ci-dessous sont à vomir en anglais les Américains sont vraiment des gens stupides au lieu de célébrer et de remercier il critique Harry qui montre au monde ces soldat courageux la vie doit être bien vide et ennuyeuse tout ce qui les intéresse et critiquer Megan et Harry. Si ils 'aime tant que ça la monarchie ils ont qu'à leur donner tout leur argent je suis sûr que le roi et la reine en ont besoin lol et surtout ils devraient fermer leur gueule mais non ils prennent le temps d'écrire des commentaires débile et aineux sur des gens qui ne connaissent même pas ! Pauvre tâche

  34. Los harkles usan a los veteranos igual q usaron a loa niños de uvalde, para su propio beneficio y relaciones publicas, fuera de los.invictus games!

  35. Los Invictus games deben buscar un embajador respetable, da pena por los veteranos, pero tener a mm y Harry no es una opción

  36. Wounded service men and women should not be tainted by association with the lazy, mendacious, bitter traitor and his narcissist, manipulative wife

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