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How To Disable Windows 10 Update Permanently 2021 Method

We all love Windows 10 due to one or more features. But the windows auto-update is something we don’t want. So today we will look at “how to disable Windows 10 update permanently” using 2021 method.

Let’s assume you subscribe to a monthly internet data bundle on your smartphone or WiFi. And you used it to browse the internet through your PC. Then, there are two things that could happen to your data bundle;

  1. Your data will consume fast by downloading of files, or
  2. Your windows 10 auto-update will consume your data.

If you are in a country were buying of internet data bundle is expensive, then be ready to buy more internet bundle. And that will affect your bank account.

But remember, you can still get unlimited data using the dent app for IOS and Android.

Next thing you want to think is how to disable Windows 10 update permanently.

But before you do that, note that Windows 10 runs auto-update to download the latest version of files needed for better performance.

But if you don’t have access to unlimited internet data, then disabling the windows update is the next thing to do. And that is what we will talk about today.

How To Disable Windows 10 Update Permanently

Follow those steps to disable windows auto-update.

  1. Turn on your personal computer, PC
  2. Click on the “start menu” and select “run”
  3. Type “MMC” on the search box and hit the enter key
  4. Click “files,” and click “Add/Remove snap-in”
  5. Select “Group Policy Objects,” click “Add,”, “Finish,” and click “Ok”
  6. Now click “Local Computer Policy” to expand the panel
  7. Select “Administrative Templates,” > “Windows Components,” > “Windows Update”
  8. Now on the right-hand-side panel, double click on “Configure Automatic Updates”
  9. Then click “Enabled”. Now select option 2 that says “Notify for download and auto-install” and then click on the “OK” button
  10. Now close the full Console box and select the option “NO” not to save console settings to Console.

That’s it. Now restart your computer

Congratulations, you have disabled Windows 10 update permanently. It will no longer consume your internet data bundle as it uses to.

I used the above method, and it works for me, so it will work for you.

If you are finding this post difficult to read or understand, then watch the video below. The MDTech institute recorded the video. But the procedure on the video is the same as my writeup.

Do you have any other method to disable Windows 10 update permanently? If yes, kindly let us know using the comment section below. And don’t forget this method can disable windows 10 update registry.

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