How to post on Reddit

How to post on Reddit

Discovering how to post on Reddit will open new avenues for you to interact and engage with different communities. 

Popularly known as “the front page of the internet,” Reddit has a colossal variety of community forums, known as subreddits, on nearly every topic imaginable. By learning to post, you can share ideas, ask questions, and contribute to discussions you’re interested in.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to create posts on Reddit. And if you’re feeling unsure about creating articulate posts, check out our roundup of the best AI writers

Tools and requirements

  • Computer or smartphone
  • Browser access or Reddit app
  • A Reddit account

Steps for how to post on Reddit using a web browser

  • Log in to 
  • Click ‘Create Post’ (right sidebar). 
  • Click ‘Choose a community’. Type and select the community name. 
  • Select the type of post you want to make by clicking on any of these tabs: Post, Images & Video, Link, and Poll. 
  • Input your title and fill out the rest of the details. 
  • Click Post.

Step-by-step guide to post on Reddit using a web browser

1. Visit and click Create Post

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Start by heading to on your computer’s browser and logging in. Then, click the ‘Create Post’ box towards the top of the page or clickCreate Post’ on the right-hand sidebar. 

2. Choose a community

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Click ‘Choose a community’ and type the community/subreddit’s name you want to post in. 

3. Select the post type

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Under the ‘Choose a community’ option, you’ll find four tabs for the different types of posts: Post, Images & Video, Link, and Poll. Click the relevant tab for the post format you want. 

Remember that some Subreddits have limited post types, in which case the restricted post tabs will be grayed out. 

4. Fill in the title and details

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Click the Title bar to type out the title. 

If you’re making a standard Post, click the Text (optional) box under Title and add details to your post. 

For Images & Video, click Upload or drag and drop media files for uploading. 

For a Link post, paste a URL

Lastly, for a Poll, input text in the Text box, and then fill in the Options boxes below. You can add more options by selecting ‘Add Option’, and adjust the voting duration by clicking the dropdown beside Voting length and selecting a period.  

5. Add tags and click Post

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Under the text/post box, you’ll find tags: OC (original content), Spoiler, NSFW, and Flair. Click the ones relevant to your post. 

Once done, click ‘Post’ (beside ‘Save Draft’), and your post will be published immediately. 

Note that some Subreddits will have a ‘Request to Post’ button instead of ‘Post’, and the post will get published only if the moderator(s) approve it.  

Steps for how to post on Reddit using iOS or Android

  • Open the Reddit app and tap the + icon. 
  • Select the type of post. 
  • Input the title and additional information and press next. 
  • Search the community you want to post to and select it. 
  • Add tags (if relevant) and tap ‘Post’.

Step-by-step guide to post on Reddit using iOS or Android

Below, we demonstrate how to post on Reddit using an iPhone, but the steps are similar on Android smartphones. 

1. Open Reddit and tap Create

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Open the Reddit app on your phone and tapCreate’ (+ icon) at the bottom of the screen. 

2. Select the type of post

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Select the post type by tapping one of the options towards the bottom of the screen (Text, Link, Image, Video, Poll, Predictions, and Talk). 

3. Add a title and details

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Tap the ‘Add a title’ bar at the top of the screen to input your title. Based on the post type you’ve selected, add additional details, like text, image, or video. 

Once done, tap ‘Next’ (top right corner). 

4. Search for a community

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Tap the ‘Search for a community’ bar and type in the name of the community you want to post to. 

Tap to select the community when it shows up in the search. 

5. Add tags and tap Post

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If you have relevant tags to add, tap ‘Tag NSFW’, ‘Tag Spoiler’, or ‘Add flair’

Once ready, press ‘Post’ (top right corner) to publish.  

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to post on Reddit will help you interact with communities that pique your interest and contribute to meaningful and light-hearted discussions. 

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