I Didn’t Shun Police’s Invitation Before Being Declared Wanted

I Didn’t Shun Police’s Invitation Before Being Declared Wanted

A Nigerian blogger based in the United Kingdom, Dorcas Adeyinka, has denied a claim that she failed to honour a police invitation over allegations of cyber-stalking and abduction.

Recall that the Nigeria Police Force, on Sunday, declared Adeyinka wanted in a Special Police Gazette Bulletin over allegations which also include injurious falsehood, threat to life and extortion.

The police noted that Adeyinka was declared wanted by men of the Inspector-General of Police Monitoring Unit, Abuja, adding that her last known address was 833 Woolick Road in the United Kingdom.

The bulletin identified Adeyinka as a Yoruba woman approximately 1.64 meters tall, with an oval face, pointed nose, and distinctive tribal marks. Her other notable features include black hair, a larger head, and a prominent chin.

Reacting in a statement issued on Monday, the lawyer representing the blogger, Pelumi Olajengbesi, said there was no time his client did not honour the police invitation over the allegations made against her before being declared wanted.

Olajengbesi asserted that the police were misguided for making such a ‘derogatory’ declaration against his client, adding that the allegations originated from a social media dispute involving certain individuals.

The lawyer stressed that his client is surprised by the extent of attention the allegations have garnered from the Nigeria Police Force.

He wrote: “As legal representatives for Chief DORCAS ADEYINKA, we have noted various reports, including those from reputable news sources and official Nigeria Police Force channels, claiming our client has been declared wanted in connection with some phantom allegations.

“While we acknowledge that this issue originated from a shameful social media dispute involving certain individuals, we are surprised by the extent of attention it has garnered from the Nigeria Police Force.

“We wish to clarify that Chief DORCAS ADEYINKA is a law-abiding citizen who has never shunned any Police invitation for any reason, particularly in the present allegations as put out by the Police.

“Our client has found herself ensnared in a social media altercation initiated by individuals who maliciously circulated her private images online. Seeking recourse, she sought assistance from the police, only to face further harassment and attempts to silence her.

“It is crucial to note that this is not the first instance of our client being unfairly targeted. In December of last year, similar unfounded charges were levied against her, only to be struck out by the court due to lack of evidence.

“Subsequently, not satisfied by the decision of the Court, she was summoned for questioning by the Inspector General of Police’s Monitoring Unit in Abuja, where once again, no substance was found in the allegations. She was granted bail.

“Following this, our client was assured by the investigating team that the Lagos Police office would extend an invitation to her and all concerned parties to finalise the matter. However, this invitation did not materialize until a public announcement was made regarding her reception of a Chieftaincy title on May 11, 2024.

“The office of the IGP Monitoring Unit asked her to report to the Abuja office on the 8th of May, 2024 to which she communicated her schedule and informed them that her legal team would coordinate a suitable alternative date with the Police.

“Therefore, the proclamation of her being wanted, especially when her availability was evident, and she was in a public event just yesterday, May 11, 2024 where she was decorated, suggests either a misguidance within the Nigeria Police Force or an unauthorized access to their official channels to make such a derogatory statement. This appears to trivialize the crucial role of the Police.

“Despite these challenges, Chief DORCAS ADEYINKA remains steadfast in adhering to legal procedures. We have initiated contact with the appropriate channels to arrange a suitable date for her to comply with the investigative process.

“In times like this, the Courts we believe would ultimately uphold justice and fairness for all parties.”

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