I Wasn’t Allowed To Defend Myself, It Was Clear Ganduje Wanted Me To Go

I Wasn’t Allowed To Defend Myself, It Was Clear Ganduje Wanted Me To Go

The reinstated Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido, has revealed that he wasn’t given the chance to defend himself when he was dethroned by the then Governor of the State, Abdullahi Ganduje.

According to him, it was clear that the government, at both the state and federal levels at that time, wanted him removed from the throne.

Speaking during an interview with select journalists in Kano, Emir Sanusi said he just got a letter that said he was dethroned for insubordination without giving the details of what he did.

He added that for someone who had never been queried for insubordination, it was strange to have been dethroned for the same allegation but he didn’t contest the decision in court because it was clear Ganduje doesn’t like him and it would be difficult for them to work together.

Sanusi revealed during the interview that he was happy away from the throne and got the opportunity to do many other things during that time rather than engage in constant fight with the government.

“I don’t have a fundamental right to be an Emir. I am one of hundreds of princes. God chose me, and if God says I should leave, I take it that God knows better than me why I had to leave. Let us say I go to court. Let’s assume that we have a justice system where the State High Court would say “no.”

“I just got a letter that says: “You are dethroned for insubordination.” I had never been queried for insubordination; the details of the insubordination were not given. I had not been given any chance to defend myself.

“So, it was clear that the state and the federal governments had both decided that it was time for me to go. Let’s assume that the court said to come back. Do you think I was looking forward to working with that (Ganduje) government? In the last three years of that government, would I have been happy working with that government? You are under a governor, and the law gives him the power to be on top of you, and he has said he doesn’t like you. He has made it clear he doesn’t like you.

“If I come, he will just make my life miserable. One fake story after the other, one social media insult, and in my position, I can not respond. For me, I had a happier life in Lagos with my friends, publishing my book, doing my PhD, doing my UN work, doing my Tijania work than sitting here in a constant fight with the government,” he said.