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How To Sell Your Imported Goods On Jumia/Facebook 2022

So far I have been talking about the Mini Importation business in Nigeria. And how to sell your imported goods. And I will continue to talk about it.

Mini importation business is one of the businesses you should venture into in 2022.

It’s a very lucrative business only if you know what you are doing. Know what you are doing like; knowing the right product to import from China.

So far so good, I have talked about how to import goods from China using Chrisvicmall. And I also share the secrets of the mini importation business in Nigeria.

If you want to be successful in this business, then you must read my secret of mini importation.

After importing goods from 1688 or Alibaba, the next thing in mind is how to sell the goods. And that is what we are going to talk about today.

I’m giving you all this paid information for free. And that’s because I want you to be successful in the importation business.

How To Sell Imported Goods on Jumia Nigeria

Selling your imported goods on Jumia is very easy. All you need to do is import your goods and attend Jumia vendor training.

Let’s take it one after the other. No need to rush. Get a glass of Pami (palm wine) and relax, then read.

  1. Order goods from Alibaba or 1688
  2. Now attend Jumia vendors training. (try to attend the training before your goods arrive in Nigeria)
  3. Create a Store on the Jumia seller center immediately after the training. (They’ll show you how to)
  4. You can also create Store before attending the training. (But they’ll not approve your store, till after training
  5. After the training, they will approve your store
  6. Now you can upload your product and begin to sell it on Jumia.

They might ask you for your product sample. If you don’t have it, tell them your goods are on the way to Nigeria.

if your goods already arrive in Nigeria before attending the training. Then show them the sample. You will qualify for a free Jumia photo shoot.

Meaning Jumia will take your sample into their studio for snapping and editing. Then you can upload the phone image to your store. It’s that simple.

Please, everything I have mentioned so far is for free, Jumia Nigeria will not ask you to pay for anything. You even qualified for Jumia express immediately after the training. Meaning you can keep your products with Jumia for faster delivery when you receive an order.

You can read about how to find the best selling products on Jumia Nigeria website here.

I don’t know if you understand, you can ask me a question using the comment box below. Now let’s move to selling your imported goods on Facebook, 2019 method.

How To Sell Imported Goods on Facebook

Selling your imported goods on Facebook is easy. It is far better than selling on Jumia. When you sell on Facebook, you have the chance to set any amount you like. Unlike Jumia which will not approve your product if the price is very high.

Yes, they’ll not approve because they believe the price is too much for the product. (I dislike them for that). So Facebook is the key point here, cause that’s where you will make more money from.

So now how to sell products on Facebook.

  1. Create an account on Facebook
  2. Verify the account with your email and phone number
  3. Add a profile picture and fill in your profile details
  4. Then create a Facebook page (very important)
  5. Then begin to create Facebook ads, advertising your product to Facebook audiences.

Make sure to target the right audience when creating ads. Like, audience location, gender, age, and some other things. I will record a video on how to sell your imported goods on Facebook.

I will record and show you how am doing mine. So you learn from my own.

Watch this video below, the young man talked about importing goods from China. You will enjoy watching his video. You will get orders after running successful Facebook ads.


The major problem we are facing now is our local logistics. Most of Nigeria’s logistics stopped accepting “Pay On Delivery”.

So if you are in Lagos and somebody In Delta places an order, take the product to a Logistics company to ship it to Delta. You are to pay for the shipping and they will help you collect your money from the buyer once delivered.

But now most Nigerian logistics companies don’t accept that anymore. All they do now is collect money for shipping and ship the product to the buyer. (They don’t collect your money from buyers anymore).

Meaning when somebody places an order, you need to tell them to pay you first before you can ship the product to them.

And most customers are scared of paying for something they haven’t received. As a Nigerian man or woman, you will agree with me that we love using ‘Pay On Delivery’ when ordering something online.


1) Try to get somebody that can help you with logistics service. When an order is placed, search your Facebook friends if you have any friends in the order place state. If any, begged him/her to help you with delivery and collect your money from the buyer, then pay it into your account.

Please do that if only you can trust the person.

2) Go and register with the GiG logistics company (God is God). You will need to register with N50,000.

So whenever you have an order to deliver within Nigeria. Package the product and take it to any GiG logistics office near you. Tell them you’re a registered member.

Give them your registration unique number, then drop the package with them. They will deliver your product and collect your money from the buyer (Pay On Delivery).

You will not pay the shipping fee, what they do is deduct the shipping cost from the N50k you register with. So that’s how they will continue to deduct shipping costs from your registration fee. You will need to TopUp your N50k whenever it runs out.

To me, that is the best option for now, as it enables you to sell your products for POD (Pay on Delivery).

If you have any suggestions or questions about selling imported goods. Kindly ask using the comments box below. Thanks