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How To Create Income Program Website Like NNU & NewsPay 2019

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Last updated on March 26, 2019

Nigeria income program website can earn you millions of naira from members registration. It’s that easy.

We at Melody.com.ng will show and tell you the resources needed to create such a website.

Members of the website can make money by reading your news, viewing your post and commenting on a post.

Yes, each activity performed on any Nigeria news income website earn members money.

News income website like nnu.ng, newspay, blog9ja, paynig, khashFlow.com.ng and Wakanda. Each activity performed on those websites earn you some points.

Which is later converted to real money and get paid to your local bank account at the end of the week or end of the month.

nnu.ng pay it member by the end of the month. While other income program website pays its members at the end of each week.

UPDATE: Those of you that already have a WordPress website, I can help you convert it to News Income Website.

How To Create Income Program Website

Things needed to create a news income website are:

  1. Domain
  2. Host
  3. Custom Email ID
  4. Script (Drupal)
  5. Themes
  6. Activity script

Now let me explain each of them to you one after the other.

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Domain: Identification string that defines a realm of administrative authority within the Internet. This is very important and it’s the first resource needed to start an income website.

Host: Like a warehouse. This is important as it is the space where all the website content is accessible from.

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Custom Email ID: This will be a unique email id used by the website owner/support team. You can as well make use of other email providers like Gmail.

But having your own custom email ID makes your website stand out. E.g. support@newspay.ng or admin@newspay.ng.

CMS (Content Management System): This is the body/functions of the website. It is website functionality. Example of CMS is Drupal.

Script: This is the look/design of the website. There are thousands of themes online, free and premium themes.

It is advisable to create a news income website with premium themes.

Activity Script: It makes the website functions completely. The “AS” helps in keeping the records of members activities.

When a member of the website commented on a post. It is the job of the ‘AS’ to record the comment and give point to the member.

So at the end of each week or month, the website admin will calculate points earn by a member and make payment. So it is the job of a plugin to record all members activities.

If you need someone to Create such a website for you. Message me on WhatsApp 07066669835. I can design such website within 3 days.

Now that you know all it takes to create a Nigeria news income program website, what are you waiting for?. You can order from our store, just click this link News Income Website.

Create one now or contact us to create one for you. Our staffs are available 24/7 and ready to work for you.

It usually takes 4-7 days for us to create and deliver such a website. Contact Us now to get yours. WhatsApp +2347066669835.

Sample Of The Website?

I have designed different types of website, for personal and corporate use. Let me show you the sample of an income website I created for a client.

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That is it above. You are seeing the interface, and it is still under developing. Or let say it looks like NNU Post. Compare the image below

How To Create Income Program Website Like NNU & NewsPay 2019 1

Also, you can say it looks like Refer.ng. Check the image

How To Create Income Program Website Like NNU & NewsPay 2019 2

Interesting right? WhatsApp me now to get your own website up and running +2347066669835.

NOTE: I can give you any design type you want. Just WhatsApp me and tell me the design you want, or send me the link of any income website you want.

See Ranthq.com.ng design belowRant Money

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  1. Olaoye omolara Olaoye omolara

    PLs i need ur help i have an acct the 2 nnu&newpay but i can’t login bcs i did not see my email to reset it pls i need ur help.

  2. Kemi Kemi

    Thank you so much for this useful article.

  3. Tony Tony

    please can u suggest any WordPress plugin dat can b used??

  4. Eze Victor Eze Victor

    Hi…i would like to set up a website like NNU OR Wakanda…but i don’t understand how they make their money and pay out to members. Can you tell me something about that?

  5. Saamuel Saamuel

    Please sir i have a blog so can i make the blog look like NNU site

  6. Ubeets Ubeets

    Call me on 07036995613 or 08071497231
    For the nnu script
    Demo @ sr.ubeets.com
    Admin login available on request

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