India Suspends Six Officials Over Negligence In Deadly Stampede At Religious event

India Suspends Six Officials Over Negligence In Deadly Stampede At Religious event

Six police and government officials in India have been suspended after being accused of “negligence” in managing the event after a stampede claimed the lives of 121 people last week.

One of India’s most tragic stampedes in recent years occurred after approximately 250,000 people gathered to listen to a self-proclaimed guru, far exceeding the authorised limit of 80,000 set by authorities.

 The preliminary findings released on Tuesday by an investigating panel blamed the event organisers for failing to adhere to the conditions specified for the gathering.”

The organisers secured permission for the event by withholding information,” stated the government of Uttar Pradesh, citing the panel’s conclusions.

 “They did not make adequate arrangements despite the unexpected crowd size, nor did they follow the conditions set by local authorities.”

In response, A.P. Singh, a lawyer representing the preacher, refuted allegations of misconduct by the organisers, asserting that they had not concealed any information from authorities.

 He suggested instead that the stampede was orchestrated by unidentified “anti-social elements.”

Police have arrested nine individuals involved in planning the event, according to Singh.

The government mentioned that the panel did not rule out the possibility of a significant conspiracy behind the incident but emphasised the need for further investigation.

The state government added that a senior district official in Hathras granted permission for the event without conducting a venue inspection.

The government also stated that local officials from both the administration and police department did not handle the event seriously and failed to inform higher authorities about it.

“They have been held accountable for their negligence in performing their duties,” the government’s statement concluded.

The stampede occurred when devotees rushed after the preacher’s departing vehicle, inadvertently trampling each other while seeking his blessings and attempting to get a closer look at him.

Nancy Mbamalu 

Source: Reuters

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