1. Fleabag has to be there fcuking bs just to make sure it's woke

  2. The next film is gonna be called
    Indiana Jones and The Retirement Community!!

  3. I barely visit my 80 year old Grandpa in the old peoples home. Why should I visit some strange Pop in the cinema?

  4. Don't forget, he drank the immortal juice from the holy grail. He can't die yet. I know his father had it, but he never drank it.

  5. Wow, they sure cut a lot of her out of this one compared to the first trailer, didn’t they? Power of the masses indeed.

  6. We Need More Movies Like ( Indiana Jones ) Adventure and Classic 🙏🏽🥰

  7. What! No raft before jumping out of the plane!?😳

  8. this looks stupid…dont just copy the 90's cheese….

  9. "I don't believe in magic"
    True if you ignore every past movie

  10. I swear to Christ if they do that shit that they said they might do I’m never going to watch this. This is the last movie you’re gonna see with some of the original cast and Harrison they better not ruin this.

  11. I swear I saw Star Wars in this trailer for a split second. Lucas once remarked at something by saying "how stupid that would be like putting Indiana Jones in space". Well all we had to wait for was 2023 and stupid would come to us.
    This can't be worse that Shia LeBeouf swinging from vines with a bunch of monkeys.

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