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  1. sadikdorayi says:

    that’s great news

    1. Usman Abdullahi Ibrahim says:

      That’s nice and good opportunity for our young generation may God help them continue to prosper

      1. Ogene Isreal says:

        This is a wonderful initiative…my siblings would definitely be interested in this. They are so intelligent.

    2. Sadiq bello says:

      Wow this is awesome and it is very helpful. Keep it up

  2. Abdulkudus says:

    Owwn! This is a very nice idea from the interswitch speak, may God bless them and always put them forward because this is a very good platform that cam help many people to rise


    This is one of the great opportunity for us to show our talent. Am wishing all of them best

    1. Ameen abdulsamad says:

      I this will allow some of us to show our talent

  4. Opeyemi Razaq says:

    This is a better way of making awareness and promoting educational background in the country. It also encourage students to study hard and believe in themselves thereby building a better future for themselves and the coming generation. Kudos to the ones behind this programme.

    1. Jethro Da'ar says:

      Wow, it’s really good of them seriously, it’ll lead to a greater achievement for African students, we look forward to a brighter tomorrow for the young ones coming up, God will see us through…

  5. Kolo Matthias Adams says:

    This will really help education all around the globe

  6. Jolayemi yusuf says:

    This is a wonderful platform…I hope this will enhance learning in this country…great!!

    1. Ibrahim wahab says:

      Zgsshrjrjrrktkgkfk nah ucarrry leather hjdndjfjfkfmfk and I saw jigjgyjkjhvgkgkgkgkt

  7. Tomiwa Timilehin says:

    This is a spectacular idea that will help the students to study hard so as to be able to win prizes.
    It will also help to cultivate the reading culture in the mind of the young ones.

  8. Yousueph PapaD says:

    This kind of program will help to cultivate reading habits in Students who re not ready to learn n also helps to improve others ability by putting more efforts into their academics

  9. Akinremi Kehinde says:

    A good concept from interswitchspak. This surely help the youth. The joy of it is that, its a national program. Many will be more dedicated concerning their education as a result of this program and also the scholarship and cash reward will also serve as a great help to student both in Nigeria and Kenya as stated in the interswitchprogram. Surely this will be as success

  10. douglas okoruwa says:

    This is a good initiative!

    1. Great,I like this because its gonna educate people.

  11. uksmith21 says:

    this is a very good one from interswitchSPAK
    this platform will really make a big difference in the life’s of the youth
    this is a welcome development

  12. I will like to see young talents participate in this game as for me am older than the age but it’s a privilege to bring out the best in these children. They are trying to help young talents utilize their resources and not to waste them.

  13. Iloanaeke14 says:

    This is Wonderful
    It reminds me of my secondary school days
    Keep up the good work
    And may the best student win

    1. Nelsonabul88 says:

      👌great news.

  14. Abdulrasheed Lukman says:

    This sort of program will develop perusing propensities in Understudies and likewise improves others capacity by placing more endeavors into their scholastics


    it is another opportunity for incoming ones to prove themselves to the world

  16. It help create platform to showcase what the younger one are made up

  17. Interswitch’s contribution to the nigerian educational sector is commendable. I wish other stakeholders and corporate bodies will follow in their footsteps.

  18. Olamilekan Olatunji says:

    This is impressive and encouraging. This program will help a lots of students. This is a great opportunity for the incoming university students. It pains me I was oportune to see this kind of opportunity during my time in school but I know if this kind of opportunities continue to come every year then Nigeria will be filled with intelligent youths

  19. Johnny_sweetlife says:

    Its really a previllege to get to know thos site…it is really helping and dis article helped me a lot nd i love it thanks alot for this educating article

  20. Johnny_sweetlife says:

    Really great educating platform

  21. Pura Moore says:

    What a nice educating platform

  22. Ghaneeyah says:

    programmes like this are better for the youth. both the participants and the viewers rather than wasting time and seeing useless programmes.
    Even with the gifts attached, it helps encourage students to always want to do more. Kudos to the anchor of this educating program!

    1. Osehagreat says:

      I could have joined but I don’t have the money and its very far from home so I cant

  23. Pura Moore says:

    This a great opportunity for the less privilege who has the talent going to school

  24. This kind of program will enable the youth to improve their academics performances

  25. I really lile this idea made by Interswitch, it’s really gonna enhance learning. But I will love when it can be applicable for University students. Well kudos from me, you guys are really doing a great job.

    1. Collins14989 says:

      This is nice and a great opportunity.

  26. Saxemmanuel says:

    I think this is the opportunity for everybody to the school.

  27. Usman Abdullahi Ibrahim says:

    Wow, this is very and really exciting opportunity for us and our junior ones

  28. Nsidibe inin says:

    That is a nice information

  29. Nsidibe inim says:

    That is a nice information

  30. Nsidibe inim says:

    This is a good

  31. This is a good info. I will post this group on JAMB group so student can see and out of hundreds we will see one or more interested

  32. CHIMA OKPORIE says:

    I really like this platform, because it will moderate the young star.

  33. Wow, this is a great idea by interswitch to students in schools

  34. This is an opportunity for the less privilege
    It will be great if they can start undergraduate own

  35. Wow,wow lovely I’m so happy you have made an opportunity for we youngs ones God bless you

  36. This a big opportunity for the less privilege who has the talent of studying

  37. Paul Joshua says:

    Wow I never thought in my life that something like this is existing… I want to say thank you for this platform keep on the good work!

  38. This will really help the educational sector all around.

  39. Abraham Godspower says:

    Wow this site is a helpful place to get whatever we need to study and and get information about study…

  40. Luka shalom says:

    I am so happy you have made an opportunity for we young ones
    As we continue may God bless this site and make it progressive in Jesus name.

  41. This is e very nice platform , I wish I knew about this when I was in secondary school I would have been a part of it . I will try to register my the secondary school I passed out from.

  42. Wow this site is very helpful,as a student who wants to study well he/she needs this site..thanks sponsorer for this great work done

    1. Cook Halimah says:

      This is actually a great biggest science competition it helps the upcoming
      genius youths to fulfill their dream and also get inpirse by great scientists from different field in science

  43. This is also among the fundamental right for the government. Provision of good education for the society or country

  44. Pizzlemaney says:

    Its a nice platform and the initiative is quite awesome .more of this and we are going places

  45. Nice update. Our society needs good social amenities like good education and giving good scholarship to the adults in the society.

  46. I love this movement,let earn some money,,,,,,,,,,,

  47. this program is a real platform,especaly youth like us,is really good earning with cashback.

  48. This is a wonderful idea…. This will change the system of education in our country.
    Let’s educate our wards

  49. Paul Joshua says:

    You always know how to put a smiles in people face..
    Really cashback is good..

    1. Interesting!!
      What a legit information.
      Thanks so much for this.

  50. Emaeyak Etuk says:

    The aim of interswitch spark is better likewise their level because it will help to bring improve level of education

  51. Akodu Ibrahim says:

    Wow really love that tho. This is opportunity for young Nigerian

    1. This is a wonderful opportunity interswitch park is giving. Improving educational level among us. Thank God for this opportunity

      1. Yes oh
        They are really trying, I pray that God should bless the sponsor, his doing a great Job by doing this

  52. Ayobambam says:

    This is a very good move for youths to showcase their talent and for them to study God bless this site

  53. Oscarman7 says:

    This will help improve students and make them work harder. The aim of this institute is really good, may God bless you also as you bless this students.

  54. Friday Young Akeekue says:

    Well acceptable,I love that.

    1. Wow this information is so good

  55. Collins14989 says:

    I love that it is a good idea.

  56. Ambali Abdulateef says:

    Great write up, may you beget the great rewards

  57. Education they say is the key, I wish I can still opt in for the competition but am off age. There should be a competition program for University students too

  58. This is a great way to unearth raw talent and support them, kudos to Interswitch SPAK National Science Competition for giving the young ones a chance to shine.

  59. Nice idea… this is going to change the structure of education

  60. This is the perfect oppurtunity to train our kids and also thanks to the foundation who arranged this

  61. This is a great platform for the younger generation to showcase their talent and get rewarded for it, kudos to the organizers.

  62. Victor Isiboge says:

    This is a welcome and astonishing development in Africa education which will really help the young ones to build their future.

  63. Mariega Efe says:

    I do love this, it is a welcome development. Thanks to the organizers.

  64. Bello Afeez says:

    Wow really love this. This is a great opportunity for young Nigerian. Its cool

  65. If only am not already in higher institution, I would have taken part in the competition. It’s indeed a great opportunity for students. It’s now for them to make use of it.

  66. AriesJoel says:

    How I wish I had this opportunity; this is a wonderful step towards revitalizing the Educational sector of Nigeria.
    Training the young ones of today for Future Leadership.

  67. A great opportunity for youngsters. Wish I was young again so I can participate, but well … good luck to everyone competing especially from Kwara States.

  68. That is interesting. That is the only our youth of now adays can showcase their skills and talent.

    1. This is a good step in the positive direction. I’m impressed.

  69. This is interesting… That is the only way our upcoming generation can express their skills and talent. May God bless them.

  70. This is good ooooooo, I am really impress with what I am seeing this platform, this platform has helped in given us information we need in this life, I am grateful, keep it up my people

  71. Wow…. At least with this innovative, education will be a primary benefit for every of our youths and in turn will improve global sensitization.

  72. Adejumo Festus says:

    This is really an awesome program which will be of help to the educational sector

  73. Omolola Noah says:

    This is a good way to help the youths of the world it’s a very nice platform…. thanks

  74. Wow I love this interswitch spark I wish I could go back to small age and participate in the competition

  75. CHIMA OKPORIE says:

    Wow what a great platform, this is the opportunity for every young and talented people.

  76. what a great opportunity for the youth, you are doing a great job cashback, keep it up

  77. Faloye Mosunmoluwa says:

    Interswitch spark is a very lucrative and wonderful idea and it will help our young Nigerians

  78. Adeola Akinnagbe says:

    From my perspective,I believe this is a huge opportunity to improve level of learning.

  79. Toluwani William's says:

    This is a great opportunity for young students to show case their abilities and be able to put what they have been taught for years to writing and get rewarded.

  80. Adeola Akinnagbe says:

    This is a huge,interesting opportunity for the Africa child to learn and improve brilliantly.Thank you for this wonderful opportunity

  81. Wow !!This is a great opportunity for youngsters that doesn’t have financial aid.
    I wish I was younger.

    1. It does’nt matter you can introduce your younger ones to it and i’m definitely sure they will go for it.

  82. ademola adekunle says:

    wow this is really good the money given to them will help there education a lot

  83. Nice goals, with great future ambition, may God help you to achieve it

  84. Linus bassey says:

    Nice update, this is encouraging

  85. This will really give students the chance to show what they’ve got. It’s a good one

  86. Interswitch really impressive and I believe it will boost up education in Nigeria and all over the world too

    1. Adu pelumi says:

      I was once a partaker of interaswitch spak 1.0.The platform is really great and the best.The impact is really great and good to the society.

  87. Interswitch really impressive and I believe that it will boost up education in Nigeria and all over the world

  88. Omojiade Joy says:

    Interswitch. S. P. A. K. As helped a lot of youth and teenagers like us, kudos to you all.

  89. Vincent15 says:

    Wow, thank you very much for the information, it is very encouraging.

  90. Issa oderindr says:

    This is a very interesting platform and also it encourage.i so love this

  91. Ayodele Temitope says:

    It will be more encouraging if all schools in Nigeria follows the procedures of inter switch, to eradicate ignorance in our community

  92. Nice information,country needs a platform like this to inform the young one’s and motivate them.

  93. So nice program and it helps students invest more in their reading habit

  94. Its good to encourage the little ones, cause they are the leaders of tomorrow

  95. I love this idea of interswtitch,it encourages student to do better in the areas where they are good

  96. Wow! Interswitch,I love it and that idea indicate their creativity and the areas they want to help

  97. Surprise Emmanuel says:

    Wow this is great. Keep the good work moving

  98. This is really inspiring.

  99. The information has let me knw more abt some things nw, so thank u very much

  100. Its a good idea and its a great opportunity for us to show our talent and to know our weak point

  101. Its a good thing and God bless you for the opportunity

  102. preciousolusayo says:

    This will really help train the young minds
    As regards the price,it will really help the less privileged

  103. preciousolusayo says:

    Thanks for the information,it is very much appreciated

  104. Owolabi segun says:

    Nice update I think I should put this tyo a try

    1. NAFIU RIDWAN says:

      This will those youth that already give up to go to school because of financial situation

  105. Timilehin says:

    I really love it……thanks for the information.

    1. Omolola Noah says:


  106. Faloye Mosunmoluwa says:

    Wow its a great thing
    This would help reduce the rate of unemployment

  107. Sunmy David says:

    Wow this is excellent this will really help thanks and God bless

  108. Slimprince26 says:

    This we really help education in Nigeria, almighty God will help you as u are helping youth

  109. Yeah cause without the young ones by our side, we are of no use. The young shall grow.

  110. Faloye Mosun says:

    A very Lovely idea able to help our Nigerian citizens

  111. Sunmy Mosun says:

    I will really need this to attain greater heights
    Good work

  112. Issa oderindr says:

    This is a great opportunity for the youth,it will also encourage the youth.i love this

  113. lukman bala says:

    this is a good information that will help a lot of people who need help

  114. Genius Richard says:

    It’s a nice platform, i real love it for give student nice opportunity.

  115. Abdulrasheed jamiu says:

    I really congratulate the winners, i wish i was among of them

  116. Olawale01 says:

    Very good information..these will help to promote education by encouraging both studen.teachers and parent to do better

    1. James Idahosa says:

      I see this competition going into another level soon. The students are intelligent and gives other science student a wakeup call to be studious too. Am a proud Nigerian.

  117. Wow. This is a very good information. This will encourage we students to focus on our studies.

  118. Babalola Emmanuel says:

    God bless the platform. I am loving it keep rolling

    1. Ajayi Olubunmi says:

      It’s a great development on our education sector
      Atleast students that are very sound but don’t have sponsors can apply for it and get luck
      Sincerely I didn’t regret joining this platform
      Thanks Mr melody

  119. Babalola Emmanuel says:

    Woww. thats awesome we love you all

  120. Nianglong Benjamin says:

    The world today is going toward technology an with this program at hand it will help the less privilege who have the knowledge but are not financial buoyant to showcase their talent, an to all the students who will participate in the competition. I am happy we get people who are willing to devote their time to organized something like this, and with this it will increase the interest of students to want to further their education an to study hard. Best of luck to the participants and may God sustained and come to the help of this people who organised this program.

  121. This will inspire many kids and offer a very bright future to our future leaders

  122. brahee2003 says:

    This is a welcome development and good boos to our education sector, this is not only helping the student to showcase their talents but the parents as well, kudos

  123. Edwin Edward says:

    Wow a good platform for the younger ones

  124. This is a good one from inter switch at least it will to develop the level of education in our community. Thanks and God bless the initiator of this.

  125. Israel john says:

    This initiative is quite mind-blowing,a stepping stone to educational breakthrough in Nigeria

  126. Umar samaila says:

    That is good opportunity for our young generation may God help them

  127. Hayzeed Harbeedaymi says:

    Good news to hear

  128. Nice opportunity. Thanks for the news

    1. Babatunde Temitayo says:

      This is a good opportunity for students

  129. Sunmy babatunde says:

    What A very nice idea to move the esteemed ones forward in Nigeria

  130. Paul Joshua says:

    Your information is really mind blowing…
    Thanks to you guys!..

  131. It’s good and wonderful to participate in this program

  132. Anthony Njoku says:

    Wow, this is a great way to really promoting and boost the educational status of this country and you guys are really doing a great job on it
    Please keep up the good work

  133. Nelson Abul says:

    Wow, this is so nice

  134. Akoreydey says:

    This is a good initiative

  135. Chukwuma Ann says:

    All thanks to interswitch SPAK National Science Competition that have given secondary School students the opportunity to use their education talent to excel

  136. Anthony Njoku says:

    I think this opportunity should also be made available to other trade students

  137. CHIMA OKPORIE says:

    This is a great privilege for anyone who want to make impact in life and become great in life.

  138. A nice innitiave from the organizer, it will really help to grow young talents in the country and give them a platform to showcase themselves.

  139. Denis Amarachi Sunday says:

    I wonder at times where this platform get money to pay everyone here

  140. segun owolabi says:

    Nice platform indeed

  141. Prince Godsown David says:

    Instead of visa let us look for a way to make Nigeria great because if we can do this it will help us

  142. Amaka Solomon says:

    Our god in heaven we bless you all in Jesus name I pray,amen

  143. This is so wonderful..God bless you in abundance

  144. Gloshaide says:

    Wow!!! Interesting.
    May God bless the brain behind this. Keep the good work,may God help you as you are lifting the young ones through this cool and legit opportunity.

  145. Gloshaide says:

    Wow!!! Interesting
    Thanks so much to the brain behind this.
    I appreciate the way it’s developing and encouraging our youths and young ones in general.

  146. Rearly love this initiative. May the good Lord keep on providing you so you can keep on helping people around the world. Nigerians are grateful.

  147. Egunjobi akorede says:

    This is so helpful

  148. Muhammad Adesope says:

    This is a commendable act, I never knew of this competition till now. I think an opportunity is paved for those brilliant less privileged student if integrity is kept whilst the programme lasts , because in Nigeria today, corruption and indiscipline isn’t far fetched.
    Keep the good work up.

  149. Habib Ismail says:

    This is a great opportunity for the students especially those students from poor homes because it will really help lift off burden from the shoulders of their parent’s

  150. Ayomibami says:

    Thanks to SPAK bringing out our young stars
    This could help these kids out there who are brilliant but faces some challenges …
    Thanks SPAK

  151. Ife Babs01 says:

    This is a great opportunity for the students especially the serious ones,i would have done this if it was five years ago…

  152. It sounds very good to hear

  153. michael olowoniran says:

    This is a good opportunity for both students in private and public schools to proof themselves and also make their state, schools proud.
    I salute the organiser.keep it up please.

  154. Chigoziem says:

    Thanks to those who sponsor this….pls the handicap once should not be left behind in order to arouse their interest towards education

  155. It good for us we appreciate the legit

    1. Johnson Natieng says:

      us offcourse

  156. This is a great opportunity for students who has the potential.. I will also join them in ibadan, alayande college of science precisely.. I love this platform its helping alot..

  157. Faloye Mosun says:

    This might help one go places of one knows the right thing to do and the right place to go

  158. Mmesoma jacinta says:

    A big thank you to the Organizers.
    But I would love it so much if this great opportunity could be opened also for the Higher institutions.

  159. Sunmy babatunde says:

    Very well pronounced one should use this to eradicate poverty in Nigeria

  160. Azeez Abdulmalik says:

    A fantastic day your remarkable effort and philantrophic gesture are bless by god to serve as an example for others, may god be on the throne to guide and bestow his greatest opportunity upon you, thanks for giving the student the opportunity to show their talent

  161. This is superb, I wish I am a science student
    Pls organize competition for art students too

  162. Gensun Johnny says:

    Oh what a nice competition for student and also a great opportunity.

  163. sunday 333 says:

    That’s nice and good opportunity for both students in private and public schools to show how good they are

  164. danashegz44 says:

    This is a very good platform, aimed at helping the educational sector. A big thank you to the organiser, God bless you for this

  165. Azeez Abdulmalik says:

    Great and nice competition

  166. Daniel Bassey says:

    It a nice work motivator to the young one, thanks to does who sponsor it, this is a good opportunity to dose in private and public schools to prove them self.

  167. Olubode Emmanuel says:

    Wow this is one great opportunity I cannot afford to leave behind
    Thanks for the information

  168. David Godspower says:

    I love this platform, it will help young students

  169. Azeez Abdulmalik adekunle says:

    Good competition! May god provide for the sponsors

    1. This is a very good and great idea coming up it will really help our upcoming generation in years to come more grace

      1. Ibrahim wahab says:

        Kkjjjhgfghi bhhhddkiijh hhggfffssfhhjjjjnh bhjjjjjjjjjjj hhhjjjook

  170. I love this platform it will help teenagers and the youths

  171. Balogun Bilal says:

    I think this would be a very good way to improve and bring out the best in young, talented Nigerian students

  172. Dabisunny says:

    Educational activities like this helps the teenagers to utilize their potentials and have the hope of bright future

  173. Samuel sola says:

    This I a great chance for students and young people to show themselves and what they are made of

  174. Marty pelumi says:

    This is really a good programme is really going to help a lot of young boys and girls out their at an hope for them to have a brighter future

  175. Ademiluyi Timileyin says:

    This plat form is really awesome it we really help young student

  176. Wow this is a nice platform, I really like it thanks for the news

  177. Wow this is great I so much love because there are trying to enlighten the youth

  178. Ego Patriot Goodday says:

    With utmost significance and sincerity, I so much appreciate this system for their wonderful daily Presentation of articles.

  179. Samuel Dahunsi says:

    Wow! A nice initiative by Inter switch spak

  180. That’s a great opportunity for Africans, at least to change environment and also to experience.

  181. Adefowope Oluwatobiloba says:

    I’ve watched a couple of this program on TV and its really amazing. It gives students the opportunity to showcase their intelligence and improve in the Areas that need be. God bless inter switch for this opportunity.

  182. John okpa says:

    This is awesome platform I can’t wait to see it go away, just withing my domain at WAPI here in cross river state. Thank for the information….

  183. Abubakar Bashir says:

    This kinds of competition is what we lack during our school days. Kt is very good for this young generation as it is going to bring out the best in them.

  184. This will really help Nigerian youths especially, in terms of experience and sight seeing

  185. Alo Emmanuel says:

    This is a very rare opportunity for th secondary school students as it will not only sponsor their tetiary education but will also encourage them and others to do more concerning thier studies. I will make sure every student I come across hears o this

  186. Madubuike Udochukwu says:

    This is what we need, to get them young into science. Most of the participants definitely will come out great scientist. Government should support science more.

  187. Bello Toluwanimi says:

    This will be a great platform where students can test their level of IQ

  188. Noel Henmor says:

    Wow, it’s really good of them seriously, it’ll lead to a greater achievement for African students, we look forward to a brighter tomorrow for the young ones coming up, God will see us through…

  189. This will guide our wards to make the best of their future.. Big ups to insterswitch

  190. Noel Henmor says:

    This is a very good move for youths to showcase their talent and for them to study God bless this site

  191. Prince Godsown David says:

    Cashback cashback cashback cashback cashback cashback cashback cashback cashback cashback

  192. oyeyemi emmanuel says:

    THis platform is awesome and will be very beneficial to students

  193. Abdurrasheed Abdulfattah says:

    Kudos to this…it’s amazing cuz like it’ll even also help to prepare students for final or external exams

  194. Meaning this will make one unemployed and idle wow so good an opportunity our people should try this its going to be great.

  195. Adu pelumi says:

    I was once a partaker of interaswitch spak 1.0.The platform is really great and the best.The impact is really great and good to the society.

  196. Very nice i wish i could participate….i got the skills just opportunity

  197. Competition is very good, I wish itjeu will accept me to participate

  198. Tobi Mayowa says:

    Wow,this is an incredible news,and this will prepare interesting students better for other exams

  199. Adu pelumi says:

    What I also like about the inter switch spak competition is the scholarship opportunities. It helps ambitious students.

  200. Asiat onimasa says:

    In fact this is awesome….. It’s a big and wonderful opportunity for for we…… The future of tomorrow

  201. Jamlickkathurima says:

    I have really liked this system for our young generation. Its will be full of inovations

  202. This is a big privilege for student like us to show the world that we are good….I’m looking forward to attained the program

  203. Gideon David says:

    Wow, this is great at least it would help us Africans who are really interested to fither thier Education and be successful in life.i love this it’s perfect bravo to you guys.

  204. Joyce Akpan says:

    This is actually a nice opportunity for the Nigerians, let’s take it serious. Please!

  205. Promise Cyrus says:

    I love this it is very good and perfect, at least the Africans now have something like this that will enable more especially the less privilege to fither his or her education. Wow thanks to you guys.

  206. Joyce Akpan says:

    This is actually a good opportunity to be brought up in our country Nigerian. Please all parents should try and enrol their children. Let’s take this seriously. Please!

  207. Olawole94 says:

    This kind of program should be encouraged by schools, parent & government too. God bless the organizers

  208. Don Herbey says:

    This will help in encouraging students to to work more harder.
    Keep it up

  209. Abidemi Olaide says:

    More programs like this should be made and also encouraged by schools and most educational sectors.

  210. Abidemi Olaide says:

    More programs like this should be made and most importantly be encouraged and supported by schools and other educational sector.
    This is fabulous.

  211. Nice competition and thanks for the information through this platform

  212. John Ezenwa says:

    I really think this is a very good idea and initiative which should be adopted by some government and non government organization

  213. Yusuf khalil abubakar says:

    Obviously should be encouraged by government.

  214. Abdurrasheed Abdulfattah says:

    Wowww…!! This is awesome…Like even the prices are enough to encourage someone to enter and participate

  215. Wow, that’s so amazing, this is very great news for students. That’s very wonder full keep it up

  216. Oyekanbiwale says:

    Interswitch well done guys, I hope you can increase the prizes to higher one in the next competition

  217. Idris Faridah says:

    I’m happy that this platform is being created for students in the secondary schools,this will encourage them more to perform better in their academics,it is a positive contribution to these children,keep it up

  218. Omoniyodo Giovanni says:

    Nice and I know it we create more opportunities for the youth may God Bless them abundantly

  219. Wow, this is so great, I’m happy this program is running it would be useful for our generation and reduce a lot of crime rates.

  220. Oluyole oluwatosin says:

    This is a very good idea….I think I love it

  221. Michael Nwobu says:

    Interswitch, more grace to this corporate body. I am also wishing the young science student good luck as they go out to show the world that we have brilliant people in Nigeria.

  222. This is a very good idea….I think I love it

  223. Oluwaseyi esekiel says:

    Its nice because Increase the level of STEM education and reward excellence with educational grants through an impartial competition that would promote quality education in Africa.

  224. Oluwasegun2020 says:

    This is a very good innovative.. God bless the organizers

  225. What a helping site God bless you people in return as you help others God in heaven help you out too

  226. Subair ismaila says:

    Its a big opportunity for African youths,this kind of platform is exactly what African youths needed,interswitch SPAK has set out to change the way we visualize African Education,which is absolutely fantastic.. Now I believe Africans can compete with the world

  227. Rukayat karatu says:

    Very nice and educative, it will help Nigeria children to boost their brain and stay on focus.

  228. Sonekan Titilayo Hayden says:

    I wish the participants best of luck especially the my school participants. Success in your way,I will urge them to read and pray fervently.

    1. Yea your right ….
      Everything is upgraded now

  229. Dboss qwin piz says:

    Thank God at least this will help Nigeria’s education sector that is falling

  230. Miracle Okun says:

    This is a perfect platform to help improve knowledge

  231. Wow..this is very good it will aim student at least

  232. James Idahosa says:

    Wow… I recommend all schools should be part of this platform. Inters witch is really breaking boundaries. The prizes are good take home package too.

  233. Kenny 🔥 says:

    This will enhance their potentials and strengthen them physically. That’s a good one

  234. Johnson Natieng says:

    better for all,atleast to equalize all beings around the world because we all know education is an egualizer

  235. Olaiya Joseph says:

    This is a very nice opportunity, God bless the sponsors for trying to catch them young

  236. Atobatele toheeb says:

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    God bless interswitch
    God bless Nigeria

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    1. Ummulkursum Yusuf says:

      Nice one fantastic encourage young for scholarship God bless you

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    This good new
    By doing this
    Its will upgrade a lot of children knowledge and it will also make them more intelligent
    God will bless the sponsor for trying to catch them young and that is good new

  241. oluwaleke says:

    thank you all at least this would help reduce rate of unemployment


    That’s good

  243. Holahyhiwolah says:

    This is the one of the greatest idea/program that’s I will see and I will be very glad if Nigeria can continue to offer this very good idea.. Because it will really help us expecially we youth of now a days.. And I will make sure I register.. Thanks once again and keep the good work going…
    God bless

  244. Spiceyman says:

    Education is the best legacy

  245. Spiceykwin says:

    Wow!!great opportunities for the youth all.

  246. Adebayo Nurudeen (harde) says:

    This is a rare opportunity that will be of beneficial use to the young lad out there. Kudos for the great work 👍

  247. I really love this development, it will really go along way in the lives of the youth

  248. Josephine Ngozi says:

    This is a good news!!

  249. Anuoluwapo Taiwo says:

    Nice 👍 👍. This platform is really nice to make the young grow in building their career

  250. Eshieshi Immaculate says:

    This programme is nice, as it would give chance to indigent student with little or no support the ability to have access to greater opportunity.

  251. I trust it is going to be a healthy competition and a step towards educational development. It is a welcomed i dea

  252. Feyisayo ogunmola says:

    This is a wonderful and great chance for every youths in Nigeria for them to be more motivated and have more knowledge about education

  253. Feyisayo ogunmola says:

    This is a wonderful and great chance for every youths in Nigeria to enable them gain more knowledge, experience and confidence

  254. A nice platform for students to show their intellectual capability in the field of science and technology, nice idea from interswitch.

  255. Feyisayo ogunmola says:

    This is a wonderful and great chance for every youths to enable them gain more skills, knowledge, experience and confidence

  256. Jamlickkathurima says:

    Have liked this

  257. Samuel Kayode says:

    Interswitch SPAK is really raising the level of education in Nigeria.
    I was once a candidate who sat for the first round. I noticed their seriousness in all facet.
    Kudos to the organisers!

  258. Yetunde temitope says:

    I will be successful glad to be part of this innovation and opportunity that has been laid down on this platform

  259. Jerrygana says:

    This is great , it allows to discover hidden potentials in them

  260. Jerrygana says:

    This is great , it give them opportunity to discover hidden potentials in them

  261. AdeyemiHalleluyah says:

    It’s a nice program, since we all know that education is the best legacy it will really be appreciated by the youth

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    And it will help empower the youths

  263. It will also help bring out the skill and talent of the student

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    Education is indeed the best legacy

  265. Musafaruq202 says:

    This will surely help us

  266. Blessing morenikeji says:

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  268. owoade Timothy says:

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  269. Enegbetale osagie says:

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  270. Holahyhiwolah says:

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  271. douglas okoruwa says:

    I will love to be involved

  272. It is an initiatibe competition

  273. Tijani Tomiwa says:

    This will really help to bring out the best of Nigerian students and will help those that their parents are having financial issues.Kudos to the founder

  274. Oyedepo Godwin says:

    A very good idea from a great source, very lovely impacting good knowledge and helping people for great achievement. Good of mycashback.

  275. peter ajawobu says:

    school life is the best and it makes you to have more confidence in your academical career

  276. joshua ilerioluwa says:

    we are in a civilized world now…
    I think this is a brilliant idear
    god bless the organizers

  277. Oki samuel says:

    This is a nice update.. very impacting and I will love to take part in it

  278. Johnson Natieng says:

    good mentorship for changing the worl

  279. Musa faruq says:

    Nigeria 🇳🇬🇳🇬is gradually improving
    God 😇🙏👼bless 🙏Nigeria 🇳🇬🇳🇬

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  281. olohunjuwonlo says:

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  283. Adenika john says:

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  285. olateju Charles says:

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  286. Pendar Emmanuel says:

    It’s a great opportunity for those who studied science, always wished to study science.

  287. It a nice way of encouraging educational sector in Nigeria,I wish it on my time I will have love to apply, keep it up.

  288. Mercy Owhe says:

    This is really good at least it will help the less priviledge with something upstairs all thanks to the founder of this ispak2 it will really impact on people

  289. AriesJoel says:

    This is what life is all about; helping the less privileged.
    I hope folks will learn from Spak2.

  290. Ramson martos says:

    Waooh it’s a very good opportunity to help our people learn something great and be well educated…. I really appreciate this program its very nice thank you…

  291. Daniel Nelson says:

    This is very encouraging as it will go a long way to help those who’re less privilege to acquire education.
    Also, I give kudos to whoever partners to ensure young ones are encouraged to go to school in order for them to have a better life in future.

  292. Daniel Nelson says:

    It’s a nice thing to encourage young persons by giving scholarships that will aid them to acquire education.
    May God bless the organizers for their sacrifice.

    1. yekeen monsuru Alade says:

      This is an opportunity for all unemployment people

  293. Nwachukwu victor says:

    Now this is what we need amongst schools. Healthy competition.

  294. Nnaji Israel says:

    Is still going to be spak competition through this lockdown

  295. Atilola Ibrahim says:

    Fantastic!!!This will even help the youth of the country and including all the citizen in the country

  296. Muhammad Abdullahi says:

    I think this will be very helpful to the entire youth in the country,nice information once again

  297. Aremoh James Oyewole says:

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  299. Olamilekan Ibrahim says:

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  300. Ukamaka Marylinda says:

    The news of this competition actually made my day and I won’t mind being among the competitors

  301. Divine Ayibam says:

    I hope this idea continues

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