1. Obio Obio Andy says:

    I do not think I’ve seen this movie before

  2. Emmanuel Adu says:

    Hot movie. Thanks melody

  3. Kingsley Ipl says:

    I really appreciate melody

  4. Ogunleye Ezekiel says:

    It’s a new movie,I guess am gonna watch it 😋😋😋,thanks for the update melody ✌️✌️

  5. Muhammad Abdulganiy says:

    Intrusion was a very good movie

  6. Anietie umoren says:

    So cool. Cant stop watching

  7. Olamilekan Ibrahim says:

    What an incredible movie grab ur copy now

  8. Umar Jibril says:

    Wow this is what dey call as e dey hot nice movie.

  9. Billy Billy says:

    This is very good movie to watching

  10. Oyeyemi Pelumi says:

    That’s a amazing movies it’s 100% cool movies

  11. holaniyi busayo says:

    Cool movie update from you guys

  12. Charity Chidera says:

    Wow amazing I so much love this movie

  13. Iheanyichukwu Ibuchim says:

    All Thanks To you
    Melody Blog All the Way

  14. Aisha Jibrin says:

    Thank you so much for the update melody blog

  15. Idris Ibrahim says:

    A super action movie

  16. Ajimajasan Joshua says:

    Wow wow nice good movie 🎦 Mr malody thank

  17. Emmanuel Ugochukwu says:

    Fantastic movie so nice and interesting

  18. Basiru Dantani says:

    This is the first time that I have been seen an intelligent investigator.

  19. Abigeal Adeyemi says:

    Everyday I just come across films have not watched.. @melodyblog you too much

  20. Oluwadarasimi Owolabi says:

    I was just wondering since until I read the release date cause the movie design was looking familiar

  21. Divine Ayibam says:

    Looks like a great movie

  22. Micheal Julius says:

    Thank you for the update on the movie

  23. Cyril Obazee says:

    Nice movie interesting to watch

  24. Dele David says:

    So amazing thanks Melody

  25. Vincent Pitan says:

    Thus is wonderful and interesting

  26. A nice detective movie, interestingly acted.

  27. Umaru Dangana says:

    Crime movie. I love this movie because all about solving a puzzle.

  28. Sani Mohammad says:

    Intrusion or intention was this movie it’s very message

  29. Junior Iyke says:

    Wow amazing that’s interesting

  30. Henry Ifeanyi Oriaku says:

    This’ll be great. The movie has an intriguing and interesting plot.
    I just grab some drinks and some packs of popcorn or Akara and bread and sit back, relax and enjoy the movie.

  31. Abdulbaqi Hassan says:

    So cute and very interested

  32. Jonathan Sabastine says:

    Nice movie full of intelligence I learñt a lot

  33. Emmanuel Tochukwu says:

    I love movie especially on blog site ,I have been watching movies sincere them

  34. Deborah Olaleye says:

    Couldn’t wait to watch it, thanks for the update

  35. manyor ovat says:

    Nice one here I like it

  36. Ukamaka Marylinda says:

    From the look of things I think this movie’s a scary one

  37. Joseph Sandra says:

    wow so nice insperation to me this movie ehn this first time to watch it

  38. Nsikan Umoren says:

    I love scary horror movies, it pumps my adrenaline

  39. Olaosebikan Wareez says:

    A great movie indeed not bad at all

  40. Peter Ogbeche says:

    Very interesting and motivating

  41. Michael Clue says:

    Ooooh bravo, good movie

  42. femi moses says:

    I haven’t watch any movie so interesting as this these week.everything about this movie is superb

  43. Andrew Christopher says:

    This movie we keep motivating each time i watch it

  44. Oludare Femi says:

    Trust me this movie is going to be entertaining

  45. charity nwakaego 0 says:

    Movie about a man who was hired to investigate the death of women

  46. Vincent Pitan says:

    This is so wonderful and interesting

  47. Annabelle Adaeze says:

    Intrusion is indeed a very beautiful movie. It teaches a lot

  48. Israel Samuel Ajogu says:

    I pray is what am gusting that is it,my joy to watch this movie is too much

  49. Abubakar Aliyu says:

    Am very interested melody movie

  50. Faps Tobi says:

    Merely watching an episode, i have fallen in love with the movie already. it is so interesting. i can’t wait to watch next episode

  51. Cecilia Adamu says:

    Nice movie and interested to see

  52. Promise Motunrayo says:

    I gained a lot from this movie

  53. Oluwadare Adebola says:

    So wonderful and Interesting

  54. Oguike Joshua says:

    Love it 💴 Merely watching an episode, i have fallen in love with the movie already. it is so interesting. i can’t wait to watch next episode

  55. Ebube Noble says:

    Movie so interesting

  56. Okoro Janet says:

    Iam downloading this movie straight away, is beautiful

  57. King Ikedi says:

    Good luck video very good and interesting

  58. Iliyasu Alhassan says:

    Please can someone tell me about this movie. I wanna download it

  59. Emmanuel Warifaghe says:

    What a great movie with enough moral lessons hmmm. Good one!

  60. Tirimisiyu Waris says:

    I think this movie was sweet as they encourage….. I will like to download….

  61. Tirimisiyu Waris says:

    I love this movie….. Watch it and see

  62. Nice movie with wonderful performance

  63. Boniface Francis says:

    Nice and interesting article here

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