Jira Software and Work Management to become single Atlassian solution

At its Team ’24 event in Las Vegas, and in a supporting blog post entitled ‘The next era of Jira,’ Atlassian announced that it would be bringing Jira Software and Jira Work Management together to create a single, comprehensive product, that will go by the name Jira.

Initially deigned for software development and issue tracking, Jira has evolved over the years to cater to diverse team needs, and the strategic move aims to address this evolution.

The combination of software-focused and business-focused tools marks a major milestone for the company on its journey to offering a more versatile and cross-functional collaboration suite that can be used across multiple teams within an organization.

Atlassian amalgamates its Jira products

In the blog post, Jira Head of Product Dave Meyer emphasized the importance of shared goals, coordinated work and seamless flow in the workplace, highlighting the new Jira as the new unified space.

Besides offering a simpler way to manage ideas, Jira promises to combine multiple solutions into one, reducing companies’ need to spend on other products. The announcement cites a $150,000 annual savings made by Roblox after consolidating.

In addition to merging platforms, Atlassian announced a handful of new features to enhance collaboration, including AI-based tools like automated work breakdowns and automatic summaries. The company also used AI to introduce natural language support for Jira Query Language (JQL) queries, which it dubs as “the most effective way to run complex searches” in the software.

Jira has also made some tweaks to list and calendar views in light of the broader multi-team collaboration it hopes to support.

The new Jira tool is available today, and pricing remains unchanged for Jira Software customers. Former Jira Work Management customers will see changes to their subscriptions – details on Jira pricing can be found on the company’s website.

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