Joe Biden’s Son Hunter Found Guilty Of All Charges In Gun Case

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Hunter Biden, son of the United States President Joe Biden, has been found guilty on three-count charges on Tuesday.

In the high-profile criminal trial held in the US State of Delaware, the President’s son was found guilty by a jury following three hours of deliberation, a week of witness testimony, and evidence presentation.

The first count was for making a false statement for the acquisition of a firearm, the second for making a false statement to be obtained in records and the third was for illegal possession of a firearm.

Hunter Biden’s conviction is likely to affect his father in the U.S. presidential polls in November, even though Joe Biden has no connections to the charges.

South Texas College of Law Houston professor, Dru Stevenson, said there’s a “50/50 chance” that Hunter Biden goes to prison after his guilty verdict on three felony charges.

“It’s hard to predict, but I think it’s very possible,” he stated.

Commenting on the potential duration of Hunter Biden’s prison sentence, US reporter Drenon Brandon suggested that he could face a maximum of 25 years behind bars following his conviction on three felony counts.

He highlighted that the maximum sentence for making a false statement in the purchase of a firearm is 10 years, five years for providing false information to a federal firearms licensed dealer, and 10 years for firearm possession by an unlawful drug user.

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