1. What does the lion have that made it transform him to superhuman 🥴🥴🥴

  2. ohh the speedster now is a hunter? what thinks wanda about that? and i thought his dad is Magneto?!

  3. Heavy trailer, hope that Sony has a better hand here than with the toothless Morbius adaptation. Venom 2 was also weak! Kraven already looks more impressive in terms of production

  4. if he doesn't go head to head against Spiderman than I don't care.

  5. I thought Russell crow is Zeus

  6. Its ok looking. But not the Kraven from the comics. Why can they not stay true to the comics.

  7. Herkules die RTL2 Serie sein Film

  8. Where's Kraven's accent? That's a big part of his allure and signature as a character! It doesn't even feel like a same character without it!

    Aaron already did something similar to a Russian accent in Age of Ultron as Quicksilver ("You did not see that coming?) with that accent from Sokovia. Mann, this is a real disservice!

  9. WHAT in the actual fuck is this piece of shit xD

  10. Nice to see Russell Crowe in the movie as I really wanted him to play Kraven back when Sam Raimi was making Spider-Man movies.

  11. This movie could have been made without the rights of kraven the hunter just change the name cuz there are very few similarities from the comics

  12. God damn . Marvel . U got me with this one

  13. Looks decent, but it’ll probably be another Morbius/Venom

  14. Is he gonna be in the mcu anyone? Probably not cause the blood but, if Deadpool gonna be in the MCU then I guess he will idk 🤷‍♂️

  15. Why am I not surprised to see almost everyone complaining about the movie before it's even out? Just because you hated Morbius, doesn't automatically mean this will also be bad. This is exactly why I stopped taking any movie critics seriously years ago.

  16. Kraven x Spiderman now that's what we're talking

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