How Lady Started NYSC Against How She Ended


Being heavily pregnant didn’t deter her from participating in the rigorous exercise of the National Youth Service Corps programme which lasts for a year.

How Lady Started NYSC Against How She Ended
Odoziaku and her Kids

Odoziaku went for her NYSC programme carrying twins in her womb but this didn’t deter her from serving her country dutifully.

She later gave birth to girl-twins and had to juggle between being a corper and married mother of two which is certainly not easy.

This week, she finished her one-year service and signed off in style, clothing her toddlers in the NYSC uniforms.

How Lady Started NYSC Against How She Ended

The duo looked so good and she tagged them the youngest corpers in Nigerian history.


  1. I admire your courage, you really pushed hard, your a true definition of a determined person, and your children are also cute like there mum.

  2. I love what I have just seen, beautiful mother with beautiful children. In deed they are the youngest corp’s in Nigeria. May your arrivals bring fortune to your family!

  3. I really love that you don’t give up easily, keep it up and you shall bring up the good fruit you and your beautiful daughters may GOD bless you

  4. Congratulations to you in your successful completion of NYSC. Also congratulate you on your successful and safety delivery of twins babies. Youngest corper welcome.

  5. This act of yours has inspired me, for this I believe God almighty will reward you, for keeping this baby and everything you went through

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