1. Ibrahim wahab says:

    Hfbhfhffjjfjfjfjfjt Dem don dehbyltwlk dis one histyitntnbtbrhf omonwatiijn watin jdbhdb

  2. Ajide Isaiah says:

    😂😂 the guy in red suit be behaving like small winchy winchy, I like his vibe

  3. Simon Nsude says:

    Great movie

  4. Ukamaka Marylinda says:

    I watched this movie earlier but didn’t know where or how to get it but thanks to Melody blog

  5. Muhammad Abdulganiy says:

    Melody blog is the best

  6. Etim Prince says:

    The man will always be there to fight 💪 for his family no matter what

  7. Justice Iheme says:

    Very interesting movie a must watch and very enjoyable to watch

  8. Emmanuel Nwakpuda says:

    This movie is encouraging me to make sure I watch it.

  9. Dele David says:

    This movie is enjoyable

  10. Olawoye Olaitan says:

    Yeah! We should allow change

    1. Ugochukwu Godstime says:

      I swear, change is constant. Know augument

  11. Ugochukwu Godstime says:

    Nice movie.

  12. Faruk Afolayan says:

    I love the actor of this movie

  13. Silas Manassh says:


  14. Muhammad Abdulganiy says:

    Thanks again for the great service

  15. buga Binta says:

    This move is extraordinary oooo

  16. Obaro Uwuseba says:

    This movie look interesting anyway

  17. Iheanyichukwu Ogechi says:

    If like this movie let me know

  18. charity nwakaego 0 says:

    It is encouragingpeople should watch it

  19. manyor ovat says:

    Wow love this movie so much

  20. Nosa Davidson says:

    It’s about love and family as well

  21. Chukwuebuka Ohagwu says:

    So touching story,i love it 😘

  22. Chimezie Prince will says:

    This movie is interesting

  23. Good one here watching it letter

  24. buga Binta says:

    This movie is great to watch oooo

  25. Nkiru Pepertua says:

    Most times it’s not as we think but as nature prepares

  26. manyor ovat says:

    Wow this is wonderful I love it

  27. Ayeni Samuel says:

    Nice and interesting movie to watch

  28. Boniface Francis says:

    Wow, I really like to watch this again

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