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Let It Shine Full Movie (2020)

Last updated on July 12, 2021

Let It Shine is a 2020 TV Movie directed by Paul Hoen, and written by Eric Daniel and Don D. Scott. This film features the following stars: Tyler James Williams, Coco Jones, Trevor Jackson.

A teenage rapper must use his musical talent to battle his nemesis and win the girl of his dreams.

Let It Shine Full Movie Review

Based on the story of Cyrano de Bergerac, an awkward man speaks through another to the girl he loves. She falls for the words i.e. the lyrics.

Cyrus, a young and shy rapper, struggles to make his dreams come true and win the heart of his childhood friend and teenage singing sensation, Roxie.

Let It Shine Full Movie Cast

  • Tyler James Williams
  • Coco Jones
  • Trevor Jackson
  • Brandon Mychal Smith
  • Dawnn Lewis
  • Alex Désert
  • Nicole Sullivan
  • Courtney B. Vance
  • Jasmine Burke
  • Tamara Arias
  • Algee Smith
  • Diva Tyler
  • Halle Bailey
  • Chloe Bailey
  • Brandin Jenkins

Online Users Review

This is the film that defined a generation. Such memorable lines including, “Son, I think you should skedaddle”, and, “I might be a busboy.

But you just got served!” facilitated in making Let It Shine stand out amongst its contemporary rivals. The masterclass lyrics and memorable soundtrack already launched this film into the limelight by their lonesome.

but the brilliant writing and realistically depicted development of the main character, Truth, have cemented Let It Shine’s status as one of the most influential films in cinematic history.

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