1. I got a chuckle that her husband was the akward lover lol

  2. Who the hell cuts these trailers? Thanks for showing me the whole movie in less then 3 minutes.

  3. She was a brilliant actress once when she work in Bollywood but now I called SATYA NAAS🤮🤮🤮

  4. Why the heck did she stop doing Hindi movies??

  5. Claire is going to be rather pissed to see Jamie chasing after another woman!!!

  6. Texting dead people and keeping their details in your contacts (even when you get a new phone) is a new stage of grief that no one talks about. I can relate. Priyanka and Celine both overcame what others thought of them and flourished, and I'm there for any and all triumphs. I prefer Priyanka's Indian works, and I've never been a fan of Celine's music (but I'm a huge fan of her coping abilities) so I'm open minded until I see more. I respect them both. I'll watch this just to balance out the hateful disinhibition in these comments. If it's not for you, why not refrain from typing and move on? Why s*** on EVERYTHING? Any film is a cheque for dozens of film professionals, so in the interest of sound editors not living under the freeway why not – for once – reel in your disinhibition because not every trailer is the final sum of a film.

  7. I just saw the whole movie in the trailer lol but i think its a really sweet movie, waiting to see it with the details

  8. They lifted this from an old Hallmark movie. The only difference is that they added Celine Dion to the story.

  9. Celine Dion, Yes. It's all coming back to me :')

  10. Fake accent with gauti looks

  11. This looks like a watered down version of Your Name definitely not seeing this even if it's free download on telegram

  12. Such a sweet story!!!
    Can't wait to watch this😍
    Casting is also so sooo Perfect, and Priyanka as always AMAZING!! 😍🇮🇳
    And Nick Jonas also looks so cute here😁

  13. i have a feeling that i've watched this movies like 5 times already

  14. I'm not gonna watch it, for you it's a romantic movie for me it's a real horror movie

  15. No way this is a movie from Screen Gems lol

  16. This is the american remake of the german movie "SMS für dich" (2016)

    Have to say the movie looks like a bad copycat without the heart of the 'original'

    The music selection doesnt give me the vibs the movie from 2016 has but will give it a fair chance

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