1. When are the next episodes ?

  2. I don’t think Lydia is going to like Milton when she sees him

  3. Lydia comes on way too strong. She’s in love with love not Milton

  4. I'm only on on S5:E1 & I already know Lydia is gonna be a problem. This girl is the epitome of pretentious.


  5. Psychopathen, Soziophaten und Narzissten! Schaut sie euch genau an und vermeidet diese Enitäten! 😳

  6. My boyfriend also tells me her prefers me without makeup… I go ahead and put on makeup anyway lol. It just makes me happy

  7. I wish the next episode would air already 😭 I didn't care for last season but this season is good

  8. Rewatching this after the first 4 episodes and it hits so much better 😅

  9. I just saw all 4 episodes of this season 5 – loved them all! Great cast, some twists and turns, some drama, they changed the meeting part for the better, overall great start! I cant wait to see the next episodes…

  10. So far, I have just watched season one and I am not impressed with most of the women this season. Not sure I will continue to watch. 👎🏻

  11. I have watched all 5 seasons and I’ll be watching all future seasons ! It’s such a unique concept.

  12. Lydia put all her eggs in one basket!!! Surely to god she appreciates his honesty!

  13. My pet peeve- when someone you like doesn't like you back and your response is "what is wrong with me, this always happens"… it drives me nuts…you go on dates to see if you like the other person, they see if they like you..then if you both like each other you go on another date- this continues until one person decides they don't like the other after getting to know each other better…then you go on a date with another person…it only takes 1 match to be forever so please stop making the situation seem like the world has ended…just my 2 cents

  14. I want to see people with disabilities, physical and mental and I want to see them have an onsite therapist BC people need that..

  15. This is crazy I guess people love watching others love luves
    This lizzy dude is a real jack wad he’s the guy who only wants what he can’t have girl number 3 better run for the hills seriously I’m on the first half of the season but I guarantee he’ll change his mind before it’s over and go after girl 1 or 2 after he gets 3 he won’t want her
    Guys like him are toxic as shit

  16. By far the worst casting I ve ever seen in love is blind

  17. Jp is right that girl cheat on a guy not tell him that is Horrible.

  18. Ew I'm not feeling the look of this season. First time I'm even finding out about it is today😂😂
    Season 1 and 4 will be hard to beat.

  19. 24 vs 30 is not that huge of an age gap

  20. Bruh can we please get new host Nick is cool but his wife HAS to go for 5 seasons straight she’s been a TERRIBLE host asking invasive questions that aren’t even in demand and she’s biased asf only ever sided with the female cast even if they are clearly in the wrong she enables them and invalidates how the men feel by putting them in direct contrast with their counterparts as if the situations and emotions are parallel please take the other Lachey off the show

  21. 30 yr old with 24 is weird?? What how😭

  22. oh my god, my dad is going to be on this show im so excited 😂😂😂

  23. "I think I'm the rigth amount of me…"
    Well said.

  24. The golden glasses/goblets became a source of curiousity. Everywhere they go, the golden goblets follow…😂

  25. I'm just here to ask if the golden cups are going to change this season. For years they have appeared in all restaurants, on yacht trips, in hotels, at picnics, and they even appear in the homes of married participants, which raises doubts about the veracity of the facts. It's time to change them, right?

  26. Love is blind Japan is the best! One of the couples actually gets married and had a kid this year

  27. Why don’t they put ugly people on this show , it will make better tv . Half Good-looking and Half Ugly . If everyone is good looking then there’s not really a challenge

  28. I've never seen someone bat an eye to a 24F and 30M relationship. So my guess is, the 24-year-old person in this case is a man.

  29. I think he burped bc of the way she said “not in a bad way”

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