LP crisis: Abure seeks reconciliation with NLC

LP crisis: Abure seeks reconciliation with NLC
  • …endorses Obi’s meeting with Atiku, Saraki, Lamido


The National Chairman of the Labour Party (LP), Julius Abure, has urged the leadership of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to join hands with the LP to end the collective misery of Nigerians caused by the poor governance of the current administration.

Speaking on Wednesday in Abuja at a press conference, he said that it would be in the collective interest of the LP, the NLC, and the elected members of the party in the National Assembly for the party to be at peace in order to chart a new course for the nation.

“I want to appeal first to my brother, friend, and comrade, Joe Ajaero, President of the NLC, with whom we have worked together in the trenches over the years in the struggle for workers, to put aside whatever grievances he may have and let’s work in the interest of our people. Fighting the Labour Party at this time is uncalled for and unwarranted, especially when the working people of Nigeria are suffering,” Abure said.

Commenting on the party leader and its 2023 presidential candidate, Peter Obi, regarding the Nnewi convention, Abure said, “We are also using this opportunity to appreciate some ‘OBIDIENT’ members who understood the issues clearly and supported the convention and its outcome.

“The position of Peter Obi is clearly understood. His situation is similar to that of a man who is married to about four wives and expected to protect the interests of all the wives and the children.”

The LP national chairman also announced the setting up of a Directorate of Obidient Affairs to receive complaints, resolve issues involving members, and ensure they are properly integrated into the party.

He also urged members of the party in the National Assembly to work closely with the party.

Speaking on the recent meeting of Obi with Atiku Abubakar, Bukola Saraki, and Sule Lamido regarding a possible mega party ahead of the 2027 elections, Abure said such meetings are no big deal.

“Such meetings are not a big deal. It is even in the interest of our party since the national convention has already decided on the party’s presidential ticket for him (Obi) for 2027 and also for Governor Alex Otti,” Abure said.

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