Lukman writes Tinubu, threatens court action against APC NWC over breach of party’s law

Lukman said that with such reality, the NWC of the party has
appropriated the powers of all organs and in its name, the National Chairman is
taking discretionary decisions.


He pointed many of the decisions taken not only violate
sections of the APC Constitution but also undermine Sections 221 — 229 of Part
Il of the 1999 Nigerian Constitution as amended as well as the Electoral Act


He pointed out that decisions which established organs of
the party are expected to take, are being taken by individual leaders outside
those organs.


He noted that one of the critical organs, the Board of
Trustees, which was renamed the National Advisory Council, has not been
inaugurated since the formation of the APC in July 2013.


Lukman said: “As citizens, committed to the development,
protection and survival of democracy, it is incumbent on us to initiate every
legitimate civil and legal action to enforce compliance with extant provisions
of all the laws that regulate the conduct of political parties and their


“I want to kindly demand that every necessary initiative
should be started between now (May 21, 2024) and June 7, 2024, to activate all
organs of the APC in line with the extant provisions of the party’s


“Failure to do that will compel me as a patriotic Nigerian
and loyal party member who has paid his dues to seek legal redress. Democracy
is meaningless without functional political parties.”

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