Man disappointed over component of his power bank, calls it ‘paper’

Man disappointed over component of his power bank, calls it ‘paper’

A Nigerian man sparks ‘school is not scam’ reactions after unscrewing his power bank only to find out it is made up of thin lithium sheets he described as ‘paper.’

A TikTok user identified as @latestmani001 took to the video-sharing platform to share his discovery about the component of a power bank.

The man could be seen unwrapping the lithium-ion battery cells that make up the power rechargeable device while lamenting being defrauded.

He emphasized that the component is only ‘paper’ while speculating about remaking the power bank with a paper of his choice.

Netizens have since lamented the illiteracy of the young man while many made a U-turn on the common phrase, ‘school is a scam.’

Reactions as calls the component of his power bank ‘paper’

ogumbadani said: “These batteries look like paper because are made using solid-state technology. They use thin layers of lithium compounds and solid electrolytes, allowing them to be flexible.”

samuelndubisi opined: “He was disappointed not seeing a transformer inside the power bank 😂.”

mcmakopolo1 added: “People shouting school is a scam … but deep down some graduates don’t know anything about it either .. infact some of u had to come to the comment section to know more.”

sleemie_ stated: “He was expecting a mini “I better pass my neighbor tiger generator”???😭”

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