Man dumps girlfriend of 3 years over N100K skincare request

Man dumps girlfriend of 3 years over N100K skincare request

A Nigerian man rants as he recounts how he dumped his girlfriend of 3 years for billing him N100K to get skincare products.

The man lamented this in a post on Instagram while bemoaning the outrageous requests women place on men these days.


According to the man, he and his girlfriend had dated for 2 years, broke up, but reunited again.

He stated he regularly gives his girlfriend money, even without her asking for it, only for one day she demanded that he gives her N100K to get skincare products.

His words went …

“After dating for 2yrs broke up and came back some months later to start from where u stopped and even sent her some money when she ask only for her to meet u for the first time and the next thing after she left ur house was to ask u for 100k to buy skin care 101… This is why men are doing some zy things to women today. The temerity to bill a Man U just met physically 101.. I’m not a mumu pls… I can read between the lines. Beware of women like this fam!”

___pwincess remarked: “3years????and you can’t give her 100k….That’s too bad”

choc_candy commented: “Those of you calling the guy stingy how much do your brothers give their wives/girlfriends for skincare? Except you have a skin problem just tell me why you are using skin care of 100k that you can’t comfortably afford. You people are messed up. How many if these men actually have money to waste like this? Except the man is rich I see absolutely no reason why you are asking 100k to buy cream and scrub, like the man doesn’t know what to do with his money or what?”

wendy_adammaaaaa remarked: “Things are expensive now nah. 100k skincare could be 20k before now. If you don’t have, politely tell her instead of all these plenty things. You even screenshot on top smh”

misshembe penned: “You’re not the girl I used to know, you’re just a shadow of yourself 😂😂😂”

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