Marketing, PR Experts Canvass For Authenticity In Brand Storytelling

Marketing, PR Experts Canvass For Authenticity In Brand Storytelling

Marketing communication leaders and PR experts have stressed the need for brands and consumers to adopt authenticity, relatability in brand storytelling to cut through the increasing digital noise.

The stakeholders affirmed that the average person is exposed to thousands of marketing messages daily. From social media ads and influencer posts to email newsletters and sponsored content, the competition for consumer attention is fierce.

They maintained that the saturation has led to what experts term “digital noise,” where the sheer volume of information makes it difficult for brands to cut through the cacophony of content that inundates consumers’ feeds.

As every scroll and click leads to a barrage of advertisements and attention spans dwindle, brands are realising that traditional advertising tactics, no matter how loud or flashy, are losing their grip on audiences who crave more meaningful connections.


Checks by Stackla revealed that 86% of consumers believe authenticity is crucial when deciding which brands to support, reflecting a growing trend towards mindfulness and ethical consumption.


Earlier, Group CEO, Livespot360, Deola Alade said Authenticity is non-negotiable, particularly for modern consumers who now demand transparency and honesty from brands,


According to Art Alade, this craving for authenticity is rooted in a broader societal trend towards mindfulness and ethical consumption, as consumers increasingly make purchasing decisions based on how well a brand’s values align with their own.


“It’s no longer enough to have a great product. Consumers are not just buying products—they are buying into the stories, values, and identities that brands project,”


Continuing, she said brands that are authentic in their storytelling can build deeper, more meaningful relationships with their audiences. Whether you are marketing yourself as a brand or a company providing consumer goods and services, to create impactful stories in today’s highly competitive environment, you need to start by looking inward. Draw from your own experiences, emotions, and truths.