Married women stage protest against husband snatching in Asaba

Married women stage protest against husband snatching in Asaba

Some married women have caused a buzz in a market as they storm out to protest the alarming rate of husband snatching going on in Asaba.

The women were seen expressing their annoyance by demonstrating at a market to create awareness over the issue.

Married Women.

In a video that was shared on social media, the women were seen carrying various placards which announced their mission against husband snatching.

One of the banner they held read …

“We are tired. Single girls leave out husband to come back to their wives and children.”

They vowed to expose single ladies if they catch them with their husbands.

@kingkhone4real said: “Embrace polygamy and enjoy your life”

@TrulyDearest_ commented: “Jobless women”

@ayokay13 remarked: “Has it gotten to this point?”

@chuxenyi wrote: “After driving their husbands out with bad character, they’re blaming sidechicks that her doing their jobs for them 🤣”

@iam_Jiga said: “You dey protest for market, those wey dey Snatch dem dey DBS road”

@Gabrielapogee stated: “There are specialist HS that side. No be by protest sha. Do what the HS does and keep your husband.”

@YahBuchi said: “Dey play😆😆😆😆
This is a very lucrative business in Asaba😆
Posting pictures means nothing to them oo
They’ll even be happy sef.”

Watch video below …


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