Mercy Winning BBNaija Will Affect Our Relationship Positively – Ike


For Ike, Mercy’s emergence as the BBNaija 2019 Pepper Dem winner will only have a positive effect on their relationship which was initiated and nurtured in the BBNaija house.

Mercy winning the money might affect our relationship positively,” the Houston based reality TV show star said.

In a brief chat with Pulse, Ike confessed to taking his relationship with Mercy slow at the moment but says she’s worth being the winner of the reality TV show after 99 days in the house.

Ike says Mercy's emergence as the BBNaija 2019 winner will have positive impact on their affair. [Pulse]

I think we are still taking it slow but I would say anything is possible now,” Ike said in the chat.

Speaking on his affair with Mercy while in the house, Ike said, though he didn’t plan for the relationship, the connection was too strong for him to fight.

I didn’t plan for any relationship in the house but you know, the connection was just too strong to fight.”

Mercy BBNaija season 4 winner [Pulse]

On Tuesday, October 8, 2019, Mercy opened up on her relationship with Ike saying their affair was more than BBNaija house. She made this known at a press briefing in Lagos after her victory at the reality TV show.

On his strategy while in the BBNaija house, Ike said he was in the show to win the money but his girlfriend, who won it was worth the win. “I only came for the money but you know Mercy was worth it and if I didn’t win, I’m happy that she won.

On what he has gained so far after leaving the house, Ike said, “My merchandising business has risen 100% since I was in the house and now but because of the media runs and other things that I have been doing, I haven’t had time to focus on it full time, I feel like in another week or another month, you guys will see some massive improvements on new products that I have coming out.

Ike also declared that he would be in Nigeria for a long time. He also said he’s looking at getting a share of the entertainment sector from modeling, acting, comedy to art.



  1. You started dating Mercy when no one knows who is going to win. As it stands now nobody in his or her right senses will say you are after Mercy because of her money. I pray Mercy understands how you felt for her.

  2. Love is different for work and where there is love no job can separate it .they are all in love and they love each other .mercy is a respectful lady and she love her boo

  3. To me I like the type of your relationship because the two of you Like and Mercy you have a rigid and constant love which is very okay. Also,I pray to God that you Mercy will not change your mind on relationship.

  4. before nko? we all know that. money money money o, and David also said love is sweet o when money enter love is sweeter I change is to live is sweetest. help me to ask ike if he had ever seen where money affects something negatively. smiles. I was confused with the headline but later get it cleared, news writers in Nigeria with their suspense and confusing words

  5. What a great news
    To be sincere big brother Naija has done alot in Nigeria
    See all of them now
    This one dating this one
    That one dating that one

  6. What a great news
    To be sincere big brother Naija has done alot in Nigeria
    See all of them now o
    This one dating this one
    That one dating that one Good one

  7. If you guys really love each other I don’t think one partner emerging as a winner in a competition should really affect your relationship that should not be a problem at all

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