Microsoft gives Windows 11 users a 3-month notice: upgrade to 23H2 now, or face the consequences

Windows 11 has never been so popular – but is a fresh surge of installations coming from a place of love or mere tolerance?

Microsoft has just warned Windows 11 users that if they’re not on the latest version of the OS, namely 23H2, then their installation will soon be out of support – meaning vital security updates will no longer be provided.

In a 90-day reminder – which as the name suggests, comes three months in advance of support being dropped – Microsoft has let Windows 11 Home and Pro users know that soon enough, they’ll no longer be safe to stay on Windows 11 22H2. The exact date to mark in your calendar as the official end of support is October 8, 2024.

Furthermore, business (or education) users still on 21H2 (the first ever incarnation of Windows 11) will also be out of support (that deadline already passed for consumers, in case you were wondering).

In short, it’s Windows 23H2 or the highway, come October 2024 – so you’ve been warned. Microsoft notes: “The upcoming October 2024 security update, to be released on October 8, 2024, will be the last update available for these editions. After this date, devices running these editions will no longer receive monthly security and preview updates containing protections from the latest security threats.”

Analysis: Upgrade now, or soon – or be forced (maybe)

We say Windows 11 22H2 users need to upgrade to the latest version – namely 23H2 right now – but it might not be the most recent flavor of the OS come October 2024. Remember that the 24H2 update is rumored to arrive in September, so in October, that’ll likely be available – although that isn’t certain.

So, some folks might still want to hold off a bit, and perhaps look at jumping straight in with 24H2. Whatever the case, you’ll need to do something in October, as you can’t remain on 22H2 (or indeed 21H2) and keep your PC protected. As Microsoft observes, without security updates, you’ll be vulnerable to holes that aren’t patched, and potential exploits that might be leveraged by the bad guys (TM) out there.

What Microsoft normally does in these situations, post-deadline, to keep non-upgraders safe is to force updates (to 23H2 in this case), although in its support document, the company only mentions implementing this for “Windows 11 business devices not managed by IT departments.”

Usually, this statement includes consumer devices, too, but oddly they aren’t mentioned here – so unless Microsoft has changed its policy (unlikely, we’d think, but possible we guess), this is perhaps an oversight.

Via Neowin

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