Mide Martins bullied me into bleaching, Habibat Jinad alleges

Habibat Jinad, the
Nigerian actress famous in the Yoruba film industry, has revealed why she
decided to bleach her skin.

In a recent interview on Talk To B podcast, Jinad alleged she was verbally abused by Mide Martins, a
colleague, on the set of a movie.

She claimed that Mide insulted her and called her a “monkey
with a black face”.

Jinad said people always complain about her dark complexion,
advising her to “lighten up”.

She added that she “decided to change after Mide insulted
me” to make people happy.

“We were at Afeez Owo’s rehearsal ground and a colleague of
mine did something wrong which I was not a part of,” she said.

“They told us to kneel down. Mide Martins, my boss and some
other people were there. Mide Martins insulted me and called me someone with a
black face.

 “She said so many
things to abuse me and I felt very bad. I later found out that she called me a
monkey with a black face.

“I’m sure that till now she might not know that what she
said to me the other day somehow affected me.

“Even before then, whenever I was on set, people would say
that I’m too dark-skinned and that I need to lighten up.

“So after Mide insulted me, I thought about what I could do
to make these people happy. So I decided to change.”

Jinad had previously said she would no longer continue to
bleach her skin.

“Nobody can bully me again into using bleaching cream. I’m
not bleaching my skin anymore,” she said on