5 Secrets Of Mini Importation Business In Nigeria

Are you thinking of making an extra income with little stress and startup capital? Then mini importation business is the way forward.

But you don’t just jump into the business without knowing the secrets of mini importation business in Nigeria this 2019.

I have seen a lot of importers complaining and quitting importation business because it is not going well as planned.

And that’s because they didn’t follow the rules on importation business.

There are rules and secrets you need to know before venturing into the importation business. Let us say you have already imported some goods and finding it difficult to sell, or you’re about to start.

Last week I talked about “Chrisvicmall – 2019 Complete Shipping From China To Nigeria Guide“.

Now is the time to know the secret of mini importation business in Nigeria.

Secrets Of Mini Importation Business In Nigeria

I will list out the secrets and explain them one after the other.

  1. Demand Products
  2. Sizable Products
  3. Colour Products
  4. Weight Products
  5. Products Price

Now let’s talk about them.

Demand Products

Don’t just visit China mini importation website and start importing any product. If you do that, you’ll end up stocking the products in your house without a single buyer.

Always check out for products in demand (hot selling products), and you can do that using Jumia.

Yes, I recommend using Jumia to search for best selling products, it’s easy. Just visit Jumia and use their filters option, configure the filters like this:

  • Select products category
  • Select score
  • Select high rating

Different products will display, lookout for a product with a high rating (feedback). Now check the rating and date.

Check the rating if the product has received some number of rating for the current year/month. If yes, then we have found a hot selling demand product. See image below;

Hot selling product on jumia

Sizable Products

Let me advise you here, please and please don’t import products with size. e.g. shoes, clothes and anything sizable.

The reason is that a sizable product is very hard to sell online. Me Melody, cannot buy a sizable product online, never. Because my size is hard to get. I use shoe 45, but most 45 still don’t size me, (my foot is big).

People will place an order and end up returning it back to you or Jumia.

Colour Products

We all have a different choice for color. (I love black and yellow). Let us say you import “50 gold wristwatch” or “50 brown ladder wristwatch”.

Do you expect me that doesn’t like brown or gold color to buy that product? No, I won’t.

So the advice is, “don’t buy a single color”. Try to mix the color of your products, instead of 50 brown watches, buy 20 brown, 20 black and 10 mixed, or any other color.

So when listed online, buyers can choose their choices of color and place an order.

Weight Products

Try not to import products that weight more than 1kg. Just to avoid extra changes from your delivery agent.

Try to buy a combination of products that will altogether weigh at least 1kg.

Custom does not charge for good weight lower than 1kg, so, the delivering agent will not add the charges to your delivery charge.

But if the product is very heavy with high weight. Customs charges will be added to your delivery charge.

Products Price

As a beginner, new to mini importation business in Nigeria, try to import very cheap but quality product.

1688.com, Aliexpress, and Alibaba have cheap products like

  • Car Tracker
  • Tooth Whitening
  • Hair Growth Cream
  • etc

So Import products ranging from $0.10 – $2.

Now imagine you imported a product of $1, while $1 to Naira is about N360 + delivery let us say everything cost N400 to N500.

My dear, you can sell that product for N2000 – N5000 naira here in Nigeria. You can sell it on Jumia for N2000 – N2500 and sell by hand to your friends, coworkers for N4000 – N5000.

I imported 25pcs of Gold/Violet Wristwatch from China which cost me about N700 each.

And sold them to my colleague in the office for N3500, at least I sold 17pcs for N3500 and sold others for N3000. You can calculate the gain yourself.

The most secret here is, import products of cheap prices, they’re always easy to sell online and offline.

I can teach you how to sell your imported goods on Jumia and Konga, just drop your comment using the comments box below. Also, see Jumia seller center sign up guide here.

So those are the main secrets of mini importation business in Nigeria you should know.


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