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Muna 2019 Movie by Adesua

Last updated on September 24, 2020

The 2019 adventure movie title “Muna” is out and available on all platform nationwide. You can download Muna 2019 Movie Mp4 below.

Written by Unoma Nwankwor, and it’s a 1h-53min playback video.

Movie Description

Muna’ is a Nollywood-Hollywood action crossover, which stars Adesua as the titular lead. And Kevin Nwankwor directed the movie.

The film, written by Unoma Nwankwor, centered around human trafficking, who finds love after being trafficked to Europe and has come of age.

She learned new skills to help confront the human trafficking ring that has various individuals from different races across the world.

Muna Nigerian Movie’ is the story of a spirited girl raised by her grandmother. The last surviving member of their family.

Muna Movie Trailer

The Movie Details

  • Size: 273MB
  • Release date: 6 December 2019
  • Director: Kevin Nwankwor

Muna Release Date

They will released the movie on the 6th of December 2019.

Muna Movie Cast 2019

Adesua Etomi, Onyeka Onwenu, Falz and Ebele Okaro.

Download Muna 2019 Movie

You can download Muna video/MP4 to your streaming devices and enjoy watching. Stream online.

Tell us what you think about this movie using the comment section below. You want any other moves to download uploaded here?

Download 299MB (vlc)



    That’s good

  2. Loide Loide

    It doesn’t want to download

    • Vincent Vincent

      they haven’t released it when it releases it will be available to download

  3. femi gideon femi gideon

    This should be ine of the best film in the industry right now.

  4. Magnus Magnus

    How did you download it?

  5. Pls how do I download it, mine isn’t downloading

  6. emmanuel emmanuel

    pls how did u download it

    • Nina Nina

      How do I download movies here

  7. Sulaiman Timilehin Sulaiman Timilehin

    How did you download the movie

  8. excellence excellence

    please how did u guys download the muna movie

  9. philip philip

    No one is replying how to download even the person that said he did download it….please how can we download the movie here?

    • Vincent Vincent

      they haven’t released it when it releases it will be available to download

  10. jaytee jaytee

    oops…downloading problems too,whats the solution please

  11. patience patience

    I try downloading muna but i can’t please how do i download it?

    • Thompson Thompson

      This is not downloading…I have tried this a couple of times now

  12. Adams Adams

    nice on

  13. Mercy Mercy

    Great movie by our very own lady. Finally downloaded. Thanks

    • Solomon Tertsegha Tyokaa Solomon Tertsegha Tyokaa

      How do you download it?

    • Thompson Thompson

      How did u do it

    • Vincent Vincent

      how do you downloaded it

    • Precious Precious did you Download it

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    it doesn’t want to download 🤦🤦

  15. Lema Lema

    Why van I download the merrymen2

  16. Lema Lema

    Why can’t I download merry men and Muna have been trying it since morning

  17. Nurudeen Nurudeen

    De movie is so sweet and toucching

  18. Ghaneeyah Ghaneeyah

    Although I haven’t seen the movie yet, but with the cast, I’m sure it’s gonna be worth seeing.

  19. Wuraola Wuraola

    I can’t wait to see the movie. Muna!

  20. ihieabata okezuo ihieabata okezuo

    how do i download it?? plz

    • Hello, kindly click on the download link above.. Thanks

  21. Oghuvwuh benedict Oghuvwuh benedict

    I love this video
    Thanks for it

  22. Oghuvwuh benedict Oghuvwuh benedict

    Amazing movies,can’t wait to watch them all.but I can’t download them,audience how did you download it?

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    how can someone download MUNA and MERRY MEN 2 from diz site🤷🤷cuz have been tryin n still no sign of download

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  25. Johnsapko Johnsapko

    Good movie

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    how do I firehouse download it???

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  28. Nehemiah japhet Nehemiah japhet

    Good movie

  29. charles charles

    how does someone ever download here?

    • Hello charles, i just updated the download link. Just wait for the download timer to count to zero (0) and start your download.

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    Hi please how do I download muna have been trying it but not working

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