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Mutation On Mars (2021)

Free download Mutation On Mars 2021. In the near future, the Earth’s resources are gradually getting scarce. In order to continue the hope of survival for generations of children and grandchildren.

Top scientists from various countries have brought several species of animals and plants to Mars for research, hoping to improve the Martian environment through advanced science and technology to make it suitable for human habitation.

In the experiment, as the life forms of the gene-seed bank grew, the development of the situation began to lose control, and the organisms mutated, possessing strong attack power and certain intelligence, and all the experts of the Mars Project Alliance were at stake.

Mutation On Mars (2021)

China sent astronauts to rescue Mars. Faced with the double crisis of attacking and killing mutant creatures and the imminent impact of asteroids on Mars, Chinese astronauts, regardless of personal safety, race against time to complete the rescue mission.

Mutation On Mars 2021 Details

  • Genre: Drama, Science Fiction
    Release: 2021-08-27
    Stars: Fan Ziqi, Shi Liang, Xin Zuoyu, Xinqi Liu, Zhong Ren
    Duration: 1h 30 min
    Country: CN

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