1. Oke Uwuseba says:

    More of friction….seen like a demon Hunter…
    I will seen it when it out.

  2. Faruk Afolayan says:

    Great technology and science discovery in this movie

  3. zainab Mabinuola says:

    can’t wait to watch it

  4. Micheal Julius says:

    Love it is nice

  5. Emmanuel Isaac says:

    Mutation on Mars
    Interesting 💖 movie

  6. Emmanuel Nwakpuda says:

    This movie fiction, is nice and perfect development

  7. This film is full of outstanding performance by a lot of scientists, it’s very interesting

  8. Jonathan Sabastine says:

    Nice movie it was interesting i love it

  9. Oluwatobi Adewale B says:

    Have not watch this movie before

  10. Innocent Joy says:

    Interesting to watch this is really going

  11. Noble Okuku says:

    Nice Si-Fi film
    Mars got allot of mysteries

  12. holaniyi busayo says:

    it really cool and nice and more interesting

  13. Kenneth Ataije says:

    Nice movie movie

  14. Joseph Ochijenu says:

    This film is full of action and entertainment

  15. Simon Nsude says:

    This is very interested movie

  16. Obaro Uwuseba says:

    Nice movie to watch..

  17. Nwobasi Chikamso Nnabuife says:

    First to comment

  18. Ofonime Dennis says:

    Good graphic

  19. Henry Ifeanyi Oriaku says:

    It seems this one is gonna be a horror movie or something like a Sci-Fi.

  20. Okoro Janet says:

    I think this movie will be very interesting, I will have to download it and watch carefully

  21. manyor ovat says:


  22. Princely Richmond says:


  23. King Ikedi says:

    Good luck video

    1. Lucky Aninye says:

      Science and technology have done greatly to human race

  24. Muhammad Abdulganiy says:

    Another banger

  25. Michael Clue says:

    This movie is a hit” I cant wait to watch the full movie..

  26. Vincent Pitan says:


  27. Wisdom Jeremiah says:

    The is movie is just creativity on a high level. Can’t wait to see the full movie.

  28. Kehinde Oni says:

    I so much like movie like this can’t wait to give my eyes a look

  29. Dele David says:


  30. Junior Iyke says:

    Wow what a great movie

  31. Sani Mohammad says:

    Waw very imagination story

  32. Haruna Umar Faruq says:

    Nice movie

  33. Amen Jabless says:

    I will look for this one cos is going to be good

  34. Stephen Chidubem says:

    Interesting 🥰

  35. Justice Iheme says:

    Very interesting movie a must watch and very enjoyable to watch

  36. Maria Amu says:

    Mutation on mar the movie is action

  37. Maria Amu says:

    Mutation on mar the movie is action and good

  38. Ayanfe Promise says:

    So Amazing

  39. Anuma Pius says:

    Sweet movie to watch it makes one unbored

  40. Sani Mohammad says:

    Mutation on mars how want visit watch this thriller films maybe you looking idea

  41. Sani Mohammad says:

    Mutation on mars how want visit mars watch this thriller films maybe you looking idea

  42. Idris Ibrahim says:

    Must watch

  43. Ibrahim goni aisami says:

    Wow so beautiful movie i like it

  44. Abubakar Aliyu says:

    It’s so much amazing

  45. Ntoiyomfon Nana says:

    It quite nice but not what I expected

  46. Iheanyichukwu Ibuchim says:

    A movie full of action and creativity

  47. Abubakar Aliyu says:

    Great development and wonderful movie

  48. desmond uguru says:

    This movie is one in a million so intresting and fun to watch

  49. Aisha Jibrin says:

    Thank you so much for the update melody blog

  50. Iheanyichukwu Ogechi says:

    I love this Movie

  51. Obanye Chidera says:

    Wonderful movies

  52. Zainab Ajoke says:

    Oh yeah! This is it , I love this action movie

  53. Genesis Malo says:

    The mars

  54. Joseph Sandra says:

    this movie is like tracking informat move it’s interesting and also motivation

  55. Princely Richmond says:

    Mutation interesting

  56. Junior Iyke says:

    Very interesting movie

  57. Anietie umoren says:

    So cool I love I m gonna download it

  58. Interesting movies must watch

  59. Shelem Pius says:

    Super movie
    Sweet like sugar

  60. Ifecoal Ipl says:

    Wow interesting movie for sure I will watch it

  61. Stanley Okoye says:

    Interesting to watch .this is going really well

  62. David Sado says:

    Cool and looks scary

  63. manyor ovat says:

    Wow this movie is so interesting

  64. Okezie Promise says:

    Cool movie.. downloading now

  65. Olaosebikan Wareez says:

    A very interesting movie

  66. Obio Obio Andy says:

    Wow this will really be great

  67. David Okon says:

    Bad movie am not interested

  68. Jude Omokpariola says:

    Mars……….. Quite interesting
    Good graphics

  69. Vincent Pitan says:

    This movie will be so interesting to watch

  70. Chinedu Ukonu says:

    One of my favorite outer space movies

  71. Nkiru Pepertua says:

    Inspiring movie good to watch

  72. Ayeni Samuel says:

    Awesome, amazing and interested

  73. Benedicta Thaddeus says:

    Fiction at it’s peak

  74. Jonathan Ekwere says:

    Dem!!!… this is real movie

  75. Wisdom Sam says:

    This movie is So good

  76. chukwuemeka says:

    Mutation On Mars is an absolute thrill ride from start to finish! This sci-fi flick takes us on a wild journey to the red planet, where a group of astronauts must confront unimaginable horrors. The special effects are mind-blowing, creating a truly immersive experience that had me on the edge of my seat. The suspense is palpable, and the twists and turns kept me guessing until the very end. The cast delivers stellar performances, bringing depth and emotion to their characters. Mutation On Mars is a must-watch for any sci-fi fan looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

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