Nigeria Idol 9: Gracia, David Garland Evicted 

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The Nigeria Idol season 9 edition live show eviction of Gracia and David Garland came as a rude shock for the audience at the live show, but viewers, as Sunday’s eviction clearly showed that progression to the next stage of the talent show relies heavily on viewers’ votes as the stage of the competition is getting tougher.

The duo of Gracia and David Garland tipped as two talents blessed with soulful, sultry, and amazing voices with prospects of reaching the top 5, bid their farewell on a night of unbelievable performances that kept the audience and viewers alike on the edge of their seats.

The Nigeria Idol season 9 edition, co-sponsored by TECNO, comes with a lots of twists and unforgettable outcomes, as a wide audience was stunned by the eviction of the duo from season 9 edition of the show.

This is as viewers at home have the chance to relish the season’s experience with trivia questions to win big from the show.

The week’s performance, which was tagged Divas and Divos, has the top nine contestants sing classics from musical legends with evergreen songs.

The performance, which started in a sombre mood, got the audience lifted with Chioma’s breathy performance of a pop classic from Tina Turner, setting the tone for an amazing night of classical evening performances from the contestants.

However, Stevie’s rendition of classics from Jackson’s 5 showed his finesse, vocal prowess, and dexterity in capturing a live audience and viewers with his versatility on full display for all.

Similarly, a sensational performance from Miraclear with Mary J. Blige’s ‘Live Without You’ got the crowd resonating with the song while admiring the progress of a lady whose sheer determination and not relenting in her strive to hone her vocal prowess.

Also, Lady Ruth’s version of Mariah Carey’s ‘I Give My All’ showed a spark of radiance in her sonorous voice as she caps her performance with an exhilarating display of a contestant rearing to make it to the next stage of the talent show.

Other performances from contestants, like Lammy performing ‘Everything I Do’, got remarks from the judges urging the talent to come to give their all while understanding the tone of their voice.

Meanwhile, Maio’s rhythmic, soulful, and delicate rendition of Michael Jackson’s ‘Heal the World’ brought back memories of the King of Pop while the audience sang along to this popular tune about humanity and making the world a better place. For Judge Ric Hassani, who commended him for his performance, 9nice described Maio’s performance as one of the lowest seen of him while urging him to do more next time.

One of the nine Nigeria Idol contestants who got a platinum ticket, Chima, capped the night with an exhilarating performance described as exuding an aura of excellence in his singing from the rich catalogue of recording artists and producer Stevie Wonder.

However, for the last time, one of the evicted duo David Garland took the stage one more time. David Garland showed his worth and held the audience spellbound with his performance, which got some on their toes.

The live eviction performance was also brought to a close by Gracia performing Patti La Belle with pomp and applause, as she gave an outstanding performance one last time to the audience and viewers at the live show.

No doubt, the survival of these talents lies with the voters, and next week’s live eviction show might also come up with a lot of twists and surprises for the last-place contestants making it to the Top 5 of the reality show.