Nigerian lady hospitalized after 4-year relationship ends

Nigerian lady hospitalized after 4-year relationship ends

A Nigerian lady sparks emotional reactions on social media as she is hospitalized after her boyfriend ends their 4-year relationship.

This development was revealed in a recent video circulating on a popular social media platform.

Nigerian lady hospitalized after 4-year relationship ends.

In the video, the lady can be seen lying in a hospital bed while receiving a drip.

The video was accompanied by a caption explaining the incident: ‘I lost my 4-year relationship,’ indicating that the lady ended up in the hospital after her 4-year relationship with her boyfriend came to an end.

Many individuals who came across the post have flooded the comment section to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

user3532087838274: “bambi sorry now focus on rule number 5 u will be ok.”

emma naava: “Why did he break up with you?, is there any chance of him coming back.”

Rac heal: “People don’t understand they think it’s easy to late go 💔.”

rashidug7: “🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 so now u certified customer wamma bring another one.”

leahlee626: “the first rule in love is ‘ use your lungs for love not your heart’..👌.”

Natalya 💕✨: “i lost my 5yrs relationship this this month 2nd June… I’m fighting for peace.,is not really easy at all but i will survive 😭🥰.”

Hady: “too us who have rock hurts I swear I always run before it becomes worse eeeee.”

sally❤️Namwanga princess: “This was me I lost a two year relationship and I Almost died but here I am today happier than I was.”

Nick Shifah Jiji: “I can relate I lost my three year relationship I lost weight hospitalized twice but later I moved on 🫂🫂🫂🫂.”

new chapter 230: “so relationship mathes with drips naye mukama.”

Donna: “me too, i’ve lost my 4 year relationship unfortunately it left me as a single mom to a 6 months old 🥺.”

Honey: “he broke up with me 3 months before our wedding. he said ngiyamloya. I have not healed. I just can’t forget. worst part I’ve met someone else . but I can’t forget.”



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