Nigeria’s top 10 grossing actors earned nearly N3 billion in 2023

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  • Nigeria’s top 10 highest-grossing actors collectively earned nearly N3 billion in 2023.
  • Their cumulative earnings for the year amounted to an impressive N2.93 billion, highlighting their significant financial impact on the industry.
  • Timini Egbuson alone grossed N1 billion in 2023 while the other raked in above N100 million.

In 2023, Nigeria’s highest-grossing actors earned nearly N3 billion from their lead actor roles, first or second supporting lead actor roles in one or more films, a new report has said.

The cumulative earnings of these actors for the year ended December 31, 2023, amounted to an impressive N2.93 billion, highlighting the significant financial impact of their contributions to the industry.

Featured in some of the highest-grossing movies of 2023, these actors have demonstrated their ability to captivate audiences and drive box office success. From lead roles to second supporting leads, their performances have resonated with viewers, further cementing their status as icons of Nigerian cinema.

10. Charles Okafor-N126 million

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In 2023, Okafor’s ascent to the ranks of the highest-grossing actors can be attributed to his starring role in Mercy Aigbe’s “Ada Omo Daddy,” a cinematic masterpiece that resonated deeply with audiences and enjoyed immense success at the box office, grossing a staggering N218 million.

9. Odunlade Adekola-N128 million

Odunlade Adekola, a prominent figure in Yoruba cinema, demonstrated his prowess in the Nigerian film industry with a noteworthy gross of N128 million from his role in the Nollywood film “Orisa,” which itself garnered an impressive N127 million. Known for his captivating performances and directorial skills, Adekola’s contributions to the industry extend beyond acting. His ability to resonate with audiences has earned him two AMVCA awards, showcasing his versatility in both comedic and supporting roles.

8. Deyemi Okanlawon-N130 million

Deyemi Okanlawon, whose star shines brightly with a gross of N130 million, has etched his name in the annals of Nollywood history. With notable appearances in films such as “Omo Ghetto: The Saga,” “Blood Sisters,” and “King of Boys: The Return of the King,” Okanlawon’s journey from his debut in “ZR-7” to his current status as one of Nollywood’s highest-grossing actors emphasises  his versatility.

7. Ayo Makun-N137 million

Ayo Makun, widely known as A.Y, showcased his comedic genius in 2023, accumulating an impressive gross of N137 million. Renowned for his directorial and acting talents, Makun’s comedic flair has left an indelible mark on Nigerian entertainment. From the blockbuster success of “30 Days in Atlanta” to his recent roles in “Merry Men 3” and “Almajiri,” A.Y’s wit and humour consistently captivate audiences, establishing him as a quintessential figure in the industry.

Makun’s ability to seamlessly transition between directing a

6. Emeka Ike-N144 million

Emeka Ike, an industry veteran, continues to command attention with his nuanced performances. His portrayal in “Malaika” in 2023 adds another feather to his cap, showcasing his relevance and impact in Nollywood.

5. Kunle Remi-N149 million

Kunle Remi’s appearance in the 2023 films Praise Party, The Kujus Again, Love and Lust and Other Things, and Something Like Gold,  changed the game for his N149 million gross. A model, host, and actor, Remi brings his charm and charisma to the screen, evident in his appearances in multiple projects such Netflix production “Anikulapo”.

4. Ramsey Nouah-N151 million

At 53 years old, Ramsey Nouah has lived through the different phases of the Nollywood industry. In 2010 he won the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his performance in the movie, The Figurine. He has consistently delivered stellar performances throughout his career. His directorial debut with “Living in Bondage: Breaking Free” and subsequent roles in 2023 projects further establish his status as a leading figure in Nollywood.

3. Stan Nze-N166 million

Stan Nze’s career trajectory exemplifies versatility and dedication. His breakout role in the 2020 remake of “Rattlesnake” garnered critical acclaim, culminating in a 2022 AMVCA Award for Best Actor in Drama. Transitioning from stage plays to television and film, Nze continues to shine. In 2023, his roles in projects like “Domitila,” “Afamefuna,” and “A Weekend to Remember” contributed to a gross of N166 million, showcasing his impact on Nigerian cinema.

2. Jide Kene-N799 million

Jide Kene Achufusi’s ascent to stardom began with his breakout role as Nnamdi Okeke in 2019’s “Living in Bondage: Breaking Free,” earning him acclaim and accolades, including a Best Actor nomination and a Trailblazer award at the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards in 2020. In 2023, his presence in two significant projects, “A Tribe Called Judah” and “Ifediche,” propelled his earnings to an impressive N799 million for the year.

Achufusi’s journey in the industry started with supporting roles in Nollywood such as like “Poka Messiah,” “Black Rose,” “Pretty Little Thing,” “Ofu Obi,” and “A Lonely Lane.”

1. Timini Egbuson-N1billion

Timini Egbuson emerged as Nollywood’s top-grossing actor in 2023, raking in an impressive N1 billion. The 36-year-old actor, whose journey began in 2010 with a role on M-Net Nigeria’s soap opera, “Tinsel,” skyrocketed him to fame.

His his portrayal of Tobi in the movie “Shuga” also brought acclaim to him and catapulted him to stardom.

He featured in only nine Nollywood films in 2023, including “A Tribe Called Judah,” “The Kujus Again,” “Big Love,” “Honey Money,” “Something Like Gold,” “Unforgivable,” “The Bloom Boys,” “The Modern Woman,” and “Maniac.”

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