1. Adigun Uthman Akinkunmi says:

    Yes, I said it yesterday, it’s only companies that were encouraging education in Nigeria. You see our government the only thing they can do is owing salaries and sending their children abroad to receive quality and sound knowledge since they know what they are putting in Nigeria education is not world standard.i read cowbell some weeks ago? yesterday I read bournvita and shell.. Nigeria!!
    Our government is above sky

  2. Solomon Michael says:

    Nice information, I wish i am eligible for this, and i hope the government can open their eyes and see that company are do what is left for them to do.

  3. Michael Odey says:

    Information about scholarships like this give students the mind to be serious with their studies and hence, it enhances competition in the learning environment, the government as the heir of the state ought to also encourage students by bringing in more scholarships. Forums into light especially to assist to who are not Finiacally buoyant enough to carry out further studies, this is the hope of the future generations.

  4. YAHAYA SAHEED says:

    Is a good idea to having this kind of program of awarding scholarship to students that are undergraduate in Nigeria but its should not be limits on merit alone,they should done a lot of work by fish out those student that are less privilege in order to help their education.

  5. Josephat Uchechukwu says:

    Thanks to NNPC/SNEPCo for creating this opportunity for Nigerian undergraduates. Like some said Earlie that our government only care about their own children. Yes they will send them abroad to study in good and popular universities while our own do not have adequate facilities to training.

  6. Why is it that most scholarship only benefit science students . Art students have little or no opportunity. But nevertheless I commend you, well-done.

  7. Franca Emeruom says:

    The scholarship program is likely to favor the Science and Engineering students and left the Arts and Commercial Students out. Why? Should it be another one that will favour them? All the same is a welcome development.

  8. Afolabi Sulton says:

    I guess it’s now time for companies to start offering scholarships, people should make sure they embrace this massive opportunities

  9. Diepriye Daniel says:

    This schorlarship is very good, many undergraduate students will benefit from it


    I just like the way different scholarship programme are coming up in Nigeria at least to support our economic problem

  11. RAIFU LATIFAT says:

    By so doing this in Nigeria,a whole body like NNPC/SNEPCo but am asking what all our politician like Senators and Reps using their money for,any country that lack to sponsor their youth is in danger. Kudos to NNPC.

  12. Divine Maduekwe says:

    scholarship to go and study in a foreign country due to lack of neccesities in our country Nigeria.. I believe one day, things would get better

  13. dauda jafar says:

    This scholarship as for me I think it is quite cool but what about those that are not in University.

  14. dauda jafar says:

    I also think that doing this is good on the other side
    But they must not do it in such a way that will not involve some students.

  15. Muibat Agbeke says:

    Is it really a welcomed idea and a very good opportunity to the university undergraduate .wish them best of luck

  16. Divine Maduekwe says:

    It would be very nice and help the media world for us,,, and really like this aspect cause it is going to go a long way

  17. Kassim Waheed says:

    This is an opened opportunity and a welcomed idea for scholarship seekers,it should be utilized accordingly

  18. Elisha Jethro says:

    It’s a good opportunity for students with financial issues to helped out…..

  19. Awokunle Gideon oluwaferanmi says:

    undergraduates studying any of the under listed courses in Universities within Nigeria.. which subject

  20. Adesida Adeyemi says:

    When the government can not sponsor the scholarship another company will shaa do it thanks to all these company sponsoring the scholarship for the welfarism of the students

  21. Ethel Clara says:

    It is a very good news, but nothing gets easier in Nigeria. I hope taking these steps won’t be that difficult.

  22. Ekuayovwe Great says:

    Applied for this already,
    pls how can someone get the past questions for these scholarships, and pls how do I verify my status???

  23. Esther Olalekan says:

    This is great news, it’s not easy to come across this kind of opportunity and lots of applicant will enjoy from it

  24. Muyiwa Olalekan says:

    I wish I can apply but I am not qualify for this. But we need for of this for those who are less privileged and have the required qualities.

  25. Kiki O Oladele says:

    This will be an assuring experience
    I this promises are kept and fulfilled, I am very sure that the educational level of the country will be highly encouraging.
    I hope this works out.

  26. Abdulazeez Oladimeji says:

    Things are turn over round the companies are now encouraging education than the way the government those. From Oando to NNPC think the education sector is in the time to bum.

  27. Musab Shuaib says:

    This opportunity given by this company has help a lot of people who are finicial instable and help too build the future nation of the country for a better leaders

  28. May Jesukolade Jeremiah says:

    It’s really a very good idea that the Nigera national petroleum companies is really managing his resources with Nigeria

  29. Mayowa Ojo says:

    I’m very sure the educational sector of this country will improve if this promises are kept and it will also help the young lads in this country to attain a better and brighter future

    1. Anonymous says:

      It is a very good idea that Nigeria National Petroleum Company is using their resources in helping people attain a bright future

  30. Blessing Orovwighose says:

    I just wish I could still take part in this scholarship but I think my time for these has past and I really appreciate your good works

  31. Bright Patience says:

    I really love scholarships program..The govt should be doing things like dis
    It’s gives students the mindset to read harder and harder
    He I wish I was eligible for dis

  32. Bright Patience says:

    I really love scholarships program..The govt should be doing things like dis
    It’s gives students the mindset to read harder and harder
    Hw I wish I was eligible for dis

  33. holaniyi busayo says:

    Thanks guys for this update

  34. Olamilekan Ibrahim says:

    I pray for scholarship also by God Grace

  35. Ukamaka Marylinda says:

    Sadly am not qualified for this competition

  36. Divine Ayibam says:

    I applied last two years for this it’s real

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