No party, politician can save Nigeria –Pat Utomi

No party, politician can save Nigeria –Pat Utomi

A professor of political economy and former presidential candidate, Pat Utomi, has said no political party or politician can save Nigeria and bring about the desired progress.

Utomi shared said this during an interview on ARISE TV about the potential formation of a coalition of the major opposition parties to challenge the incumbent All Progressives Congress (APC) in the 2027 elections.

The mega party discourse has gained momentum following the visit of Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) in the 2023 general elections, to Atiku Abubakar, his counterpart from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

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Addressing this evolving political landscape, Utomi highlighted the profound influence of societal values on national development, emphasizing that individuals alone cannot effect significant change.

He said, “Culture is everything. Values shape human progress. When this dangerous alchemy of soldiers and oil took place, the soldiers in power managed to create a command structure where none of the regions could oppose the centre and all of that. And the general at the top appointed vassals who were the colonels.

“And then oil revenue set in. They didn’t need to collect taxes from the citizens who could then hold them accountable. And so after some time, you couldn’t tell the difference between the state purse and personal purses. And the mindset of the people in public life was shaped by that mindset.

“So, politicians stopped working for the people. They were just about themselves. That’s why no political party in Nigeria today could bring progress to the Nigerian people. The state capture is full.

“Politicians cannot save you in Nigeria. A political party cannot save you. Citizens have to take back their country.”

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