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No Volume On Movie? (See How to Solve it)

Last updated on May 21, 2020

Some of you have complain to our movies publisher “Patrick Othuke” of no-sound on some downloaded movies, like Money Heist Season 1. Now i will answer your question below and give you quick/permanent solution.

1. No Volume in Some movie why?

We watch most if not all of our movie, they barely get errors. If you have downloaded any movie or series and it doesn’t have volume. Do the following.

Make sure to watch the movie with an UPDATED VERSION of VLC Media Player.

  1. Try to increase your VLC Media player Volume to 200%.
  2. All our series movies has been seen and it all has volume.

Click on the link below to download VLC Media player.

Note: We recommend VLC Media player, so switch to it and make sure you are using an Updated Version and the volume is increased. Thanks and enjoy watching your movies.

2. How To Download Movies On Melody Blog

  1. Visit our website ‘Melody Blog
  2. Search for the movie you want to download
  3. Click on the result display
  4. Read the post content from the beginning to the end
  5. Now, wait for the “Download Timer” to count from 50sec to 1sec
  6. Then the download button will display, click on it and start downloading
  7. Enjoy your movie after download. Thanks

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