1. Damn, this is something new and different.

  2. This is a great parallel to my own life right now….

  3. I imagine this is an alternate version of Spain when a civil war broke out, the military and some officials launch a coup and establish brutal control.

  4. Maybe there should be tigers in that container to make it a lil bit more heroic…..

  5. How she has signal in the middle of Nowhere

  6. Does she struggle to live going through things no human should, the sadistic writers really bordering on torture for entertainment. Get the audience on side by displaying real pluck and perseverance in the face of adversary with human moments where the armour cracks to humanize her for the first 30 minutes. After finding her resolve then have baby and struggle hopelessly to keep herself and the baby alive for 30 minutes, but then the baby dies somehow to twist the knife and really squeeze out the sympathy for the greiving mother as we watch her bounce between despondency, anger, apathy, and hopelessness then watch her show an inhuman resolve by picking herself back up out of that emotional blackhole to suffer for like 30 more minutes trying to save herself only to finally die just before being rescued.
    Followed by an epolouge where her story trends, goes viral, becomes a worldwide news story with millions of people praying for her and sending positive vibes on socail media for all of about a day before the public forget about her completely moving on to the next story they can pin their ornamental virtue too.
    The message being something cringeworthy that undermines everything the film was trying to do like "Do you really even care? Because we cared enough to make an oscar bait or at minimum laurel bait film questioning your virtue signalling making our virtue signal stronger than yours! Mhuhahaha haha!".

  7. I’m predicting spoiler:
    she is only imagining talking to her boyfriend on the phone.

  8. how u get into the most unrealistic situation which 9 months preggo chick gunna be in a container breh

  9. That's horrifying. It's like Buried all over again.

  10. Man this trailer came out of "Nowhere" 😄

    sorry i couldnt resist.

  11. I barely have coverage outside my house. How is she making calls in the middle of the ocean?

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